10 Facts about Capoeira Dance

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Facts about Capoeira Dance will talk about a type of dance composed from various elements like music, dance and acrobatics. It was originated from Angola even though it is considered as a Brazilian martial art. In the early 16th century, West Africa developed capoeira in Brazil. Capoeira is not easy to learn because it employs different kinds of movements like spins, kicks and mobility. The player should use his or her leverage, speed and power due to the complex movement. Let’s find out other interesting facts about capoeira dance.

Facts about Capoeira Dance 1: the protection

Capoeira earns the status as the intangible cultural heritage from UNESCO on November 26th, 2014.

Facts about Capoeira Dance 2: capoeira dance and music

Music is an important element in capoeira dance. The players will do capoeira within the roda. The style as well as the tempo in the game will be determined based on the music.

Capoeira Dance Moves

Capoeira Dance Moves

Facts about Capoeira Dance 3: the form of music

The form of music used to accompany capoeira dance can be sung or played using musical instruments.

Facts about Capoeira Dance 4: the style of roda

The style of roda will define the speed of capoeira dance. It can be fast or slow depending on the berimbau rhythm. This instrument is considered as the leading one for the musical style, tempo and game.

Capoeira Dance Pictures

Capoeira Dance Pictures

Facts about Capoeira Dance 5: the songs

The songs played during capoeira dance cover different types of subjects. It can be in narrative, response or call format. The song can talk about the stories of the notable capoeiristas or the history of capoeira. Other songs tell us about love lost, live or motivation for the players to have better style of capoeira dance.

Facts about Capoeira Dance 6: the basic songs in capoeira

Quadra, Corrido, Chula and Ladaínha are considered as the four basic songs played in capoeira dance. Look at facts about Dance Mom here.

Facts about Capoeira Dance

Facts about Capoeira Dance

Facts about Capoeira Dance 7: Capoeira Angola

Capoeira Angola is used to call a type of capoeira which keeps the traditional style and movement. It is not affected by the regional styled capoeira.

Facts about Capoeira Dance 8: the formation of capoeira regional

In 1920s, capoeira regional was established. The meeting between Mestre Bimba and José Cisnando Lima restructured capoeira because both believed that the martial art was lost.

Capoeira Dance Pic

Capoeira Dance Pic

Facts about Capoeira Dance 9: training in capoeira regional

The counter attack, dodging and attack are some movements to learn in capoeira regional.

Facts about Capoeira Dance 10: a special celebration

There will be a special celebration conducted after a student completes a capoeira course. A silk scarf will put at the neck of the student. Get facts about Dance here.

Capoeira Dance Images

Capoeira Dance Images

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