10 Facts about Capricornus

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Facts about Capricornus talk about the zodiac constellation. The name of the constellation is taken from the Latin language. It means goat horn or horned goat in English. There is no need to wonder that the zodiac has the sea goat as the representation. The image of Capricornus is unique for it is half fish and half goat. It is included as a mythical creature. Here are some interesting facts about Capricornus:

Facts about Capricornus 1: the modern constellation

There are 88 modern constellations. Capricornus is one of them. Capricornus is also included on the list of 48 constellations created by Ptolemy. He was the famous astronomer in 2nd century.

Facts about Capricornus 2: the modern boundaries

Can you tell me the modern boundaries that Capricornus has? It shares the border with Aquarius, Sagittarius, Piscis Austrinus, Microscopium and Aquila. Get facts about Cancer the Crab here.

Capricornus Facts

Capricornus Facts

Facts about Capricornus 3: is it the smallest one?

If you check the size of Capricornus in zodiac constellation, it is considered as the smallest one.

Facts about Capricornus 4: the location

Let’s find out the location of Capricornus. You can find it in the Sea or water area in the sky. There is no need to wonder that the area is also filled with other water constellations such as Eridanus, Pisces and Aquarius.

Capricornus Image

Capricornus Image

Facts about Capricornus 5: Deneb Algedi

Deneb Algedi is considered as the brightest star in the Capricornus. People also call this star Capricorni. This star is located 39 light years from our planet. It is placed in the magnitude of 2.9.

Facts about Capricornus 6: the faint constellation

There is only one star located above magnitude 3. It is the alpha start located at the magnitude of 3.6. That’s why Capricornus is considered as a faint constellation.



Facts about Capricornus 7: the Deneb Algedi word

The word Deneb in Deneb Algedi is derived from the Arabic word.  In English, it means tail.

Facts about Capricornus 8: other stars in Capricornus

Capricornus also has other bright stars. If you want to know the yellow colored supergiant star in the constellation, you need to check a1 Cap. It is located in the magnitude of 4.3. The location is 690 light years from earth. On the other hand, a2 Cap is at the magnitude of 3.6. It is located 109 light years from earth.

Capricornus Pic

Capricornus Pic

Facts about Capricornus 9: Dabih

Dabih is the double star of ß Capricorni. The magnitude of this star is at 3.1. It has the yellow color.

Facts about Capricornus 10: the secondary one

The blue white color is seen on the secondary star of ß Capricorni. If you want to differentiate the primary and secondary ß Capricorni, use the binoculars. Find out facts about Callisto here.

Facts about Capricornus

Facts about Capricornus

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