10 Facts about Captain America

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Facts about Captain America present the interesting information about the fictional superhero character. Not only kids but also adults like this character.  You can find it in the American comic books. Marvel Comics publish it. Do you know the creator of Captain America? Both are Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. Both are the well known cartoonists in America. Check other interesting facts about Captain America below:

Facts about Captain America 1: the first appearance

In March 1941, Captain America Comics #1 contained the first appearance of Captain America in Timely Comics.

Facts about Captain America 2: the popularity

During the wartime period, Captain America was considered as the most popular character. He was the patriotic super soldier during the Second World War.

Captain America Facts

Captain America Facts

Facts about Captain America 3: the discontinuation

In 1950s, the publisher discontinued Captain America comic book after the decline of the superheroes’ popularity after the war ended.

Facts about Captain America 4: the publication

The publication of Captain America was still on the market in 1964 after the publisher decided to revive the character of Captain America.

Captain America Pictures

Captain America Pictures

Facts about Captain America 5: the costume

It is very easy for the people to notice the Captain America character because it has the unique costume. The American flag motif can be seen on the costume.

Facts about Captain America 6: Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers is considered as the real Captain America. Actually he was only a frail young man. Due to the experimental serum, he had the human perfection. Find facts about Bill Cosby here.

Captain America Movie

Captain America Movie

Facts about Captain America 7: trapped in the ice

Based on the story of Captain America, this character was trapped inside the ice at the end of the war. But he was survived and continued his role when he was revived today.

Facts about Captain America 8: the Avengers

Even though in the modern world, there are many superheroes, Captain America is still considered as the chief leader in The Avengers.

Facts about Captain America

Facts about Captain America

Facts about Captain America 9: the movie serial

The movie serial of Captain America was released in 1944. It was considered as the first character presented in the media outside comic book. Get facts about Braveheart here.

Facts about Captain America 10: the featured characters

There is no need to wonder that you can find the appearance of Captain America in various featured TV series and movies. Chris Evans is the actor who portrays Captain America in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: The First Avenger, Captain America: Civil War and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Captain America Pic

Captain America Pic

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