10 Facts about Captain Hook

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Facts about Captain Hook inform you with the antagonist fictional character in Peter Pan. It was a play by J.M. Barrie. Captain Hook is very famous among kids and adults. He was depicted as a pirate captain of brig Jolly Roger. He and Peter Pan were enemies. If you want to know more about Captain Hook, you have to check the other facts about Captain Hook below:

Facts about Captain Hook 1: the fears

There are two fears of Captain Hooks. He hated the sight of the crocodile which pursued him after Pan cut off his hand and the crocodile ate it. He also had the fear of seeing his blood.

Facts about Captain Hook 2: the name

The captain was called Captain Hook after he had his severe hand covered with an iron hook.

Captain Hook Facts

Captain Hook Facts

Facts about Captain Hook 3: the presence of the crocodile

Hook knew the presence of the crocodile due to the ticking clock that the crocodile swallowed.

Facts about Captain Hook 4: the early drafts of play

Captain Hook was not included in the beginning draft of the play. Since the pirates made the children thrilled, Barrie decided to expand the play by adding Captain Hook as the villain.

Facts about Captain Hook

Facts about Captain Hook

Facts about Captain Hook 5: Wendy Darling

Wendy Darling was captured by Hook in the novel of Barrie. Peter believed that Darling was his surrogate mother. Pan was challenged by Hook for a duel. Pan was able to kick him off the board and made him land to the open mouth of a crocodile.

Facts about Captain Hook 6: the appearance

Let’s find out the appearance of Captain Hook. He was depicted with long dark curls. He had blue eyes. If you check the appearance of the character Captain Hook in various performances of Peter Pan, the character wore the wig. It also had the thick mustache and eyebrows.

Captain Hook

Captain Hook

Facts about Captain Hook 7: the right hand

The right hand of Captain Hook was fixed. Even though he lost it, he used it as a weapon after he employed a hook on it. Check facts about Bugsy Malone here.

Facts about Captain Hook 8: the cigars

Hook had the ability to smoke two cigarettes at once because of his cigar holder.

Captain Hook Pictures

Captain Hook Pictures

Facts about Captain Hook 9: the animated version

If you check the animated version of Captain Hook, he was depicted as more cowardly if you compare it with the original version of Hook. Get facts about Bugs Bunny here.

Facts about Captain Hook 10: the voice

The original voice of Captain Hook was set by the actor Hans Conried. Corey Burton was the voice for the modern animation.

Captain Hook Image

Captain Hook Image

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