10 Facts about Captain Scott

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Facts about Captain Scott inform you with the famous English Royal navy officer. He was born on June 6th, 1868 and died on March 29, 1912. There are two expeditions that he led since Scott was also an explorer.  In 1901 until 1904, he had the Discovery Expedition. In 1910 until 1913, he had the first Terra Nova Expedition. But it was the ill fated expedition. Check other interesting facts about Captain Scott below:

Facts about Captain Scott 1: the first expedition of Scott

Scott and his team reached the latitude of 82°S during the 1st expedition. It made him got a new southern record. He reached the area where the South Pole was situated by making a discovery to Polar Plateau.

Facts about Captain Scott 2: the second expedition

The second expedition was not successful since the Norwegian expedition led by Roald Amundsen had preceded him and his team.  On 17 January 1912, he had five people in his team to reach South Pole.

Captain Scott Facts

Captain Scott Facts

Facts about Captain Scott 3: Antarctica

He believed that Antarctica once was joined to other continents and it was forested after he discovered some plant fossils on the regions.

Facts about Captain Scott 4: death

Due to the extreme cold, starvation and exhaustion, Scott and his crew died. Their location was 11 miles from the next depot and 150 miles from the base camp.

Facts about Captain Scott

Facts about Captain Scott

Facts about Captain Scott 5: the early career

During the peacetime Victorian Britain, Scott served as a naval officer. Then he was appointed as the leader during the Discovery expedition.

Facts about Captain Scott 6: Sir Clements Markham

Who was Sir Clements Markham? He was the president of Royal Geographical Society. After Scott met him in 1899, he knew about the plan for Antarctic expedition. Scott volunteered himself to be the leader of the expedition on 11 June by visiting the residence of Markham.

Captain Scott

Captain Scott

Facts about Captain Scott 7: the Antarctic expedition

If we talk about the discovery or expedition of the Antarctic, we should never forget Captain Scott. He had devoted his life for almost 12 years in the field. Get facts about Antarctica here.

Facts about Captain Scott 8: a British hero

He was considered as hero in his home country, Britain following his death. You can find a lot of memorials build to commemorate his contribution in the discovery period.

Captain Scott Team

Captain Scott Team

Facts about Captain Scott 9: a controversy

Captain Scott became a figure of controversy in the end of 20th century. The people began to question about his character and competence as the leader. People began to focus more on the cause of their death. Find facts about Captain Edward John Smith here.

Facts about Captain Scott 10: the comment about Scott in 21st century

In 21st century, many people commented Scott positively and thought that the death was a matter of misfortune.

Captain Scott Picture

Captain Scott Picture

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