10 Facts about Capuchin Monkeys

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Facts about Capuchin Monkeys present the information about the New World monkeys. There was only one single genus called Cebus located on the subfamily Cebinae before 2011. Now there are two kinds of genus of Capuchin monkeys. Both ware robust capuchins located in the genus Sapajus and gracile capuchins in the genus Cebus. Check other interesting facts about capuchin monkeys below:

Facts about Capuchin Monkeys 1: the body color

The body color of capuchin monkeys is determined based on the species. You can find it in whitish, buff, brown, or even black body color.

Facts about Capuchin Monkeys 2: the range

Capuchin monkeys can be seen living in northern Argentina, South America and Central America.

Capuchin Monkey Pic

Capuchin Monkey Pic

Facts about Capuchin Monkeys 3: the body length

The body length of capuchin monkeys is around 12 to 22 inches o 30 to 56 cm. The length of the tail is similar as the length of the body.

Facts about Capuchin Monkeys 4: the arboreal animals

Capuchin monkeys are included as arboreal animals. You can find them living in the branches and trees during the night.

Capuchin Monkeys

Capuchin Monkeys

Facts about Capuchin Monkeys 5: the diurnal animals

Capuchin monkeys are diurnal animals if you check their behavior. You can find them sleeping at night and are active during the day. They will search for food when the day comes. But they have a midday nap.

Facts about Capuchin Monkeys 6: the types of food

There are various types of food that capuchin monkey eats. Those include woody tissue, pith, seeds, fruits, flowers, exudates, bulb, leaves, and sugarcane. Since they are omnivorous animals, capuchin monkeys also eat molluscs, arthropods, primates and vertebrates.

Capuchin Monkeys facts

Capuchin Monkeys facts

Facts about Capuchin Monkeys 7: the survival

Capuchin monkeys have great survival rate because they can survive in the extreme condition of food.  They are very great forager. It is very easy for them to catch frogs. Check budgies facts here.

Facts about Capuchin Monkeys 8: the Capuchin monkeys in the water area

The Capuchin monkeys which live in the water area can be found eating shellfish and crabs. They will use stones to crack the shells.

Facts about Capuchin Monkeys

Facts about Capuchin Monkeys

Facts about Capuchin Monkeys 9: the group

These animals can be seen living in a group. It consists of 10 to 35 members.  The leader of the group is usually a single male. But the alpha male and the alpha female are the heads of the white headed capuchin groups.

Facts about Capuchin Monkeys 10: the jumping ability

Capuchin monkeys have great jumping ability. They can reach three meters or nine feet in a single jump. Get facts about brown bears here.

Capuchin Monkey Face

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