10 Facts about Capybaras

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Find out the largest rodent in the world in Facts about Capybaras. The biological name of this animal is Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris. It is included in the genus Hydrochoerus. The rock cavies and guinea pigs have the close relationship with capybara. It also has a distant relation with coypu, chinchillas and agouti. Let’s find out other interesting facts about capybara below:

Facts about Capybaras 1: the native animal

Capybara is originated from South America. You can find them living near the water, in the dense forest or even savannahs.

Facts about Capybaras 2: a social animal

Capybara is not an individual animal. It is a social animal for you can find them living within a large group. The members of the group can reach 100 individuals. In most cases, there are around 10 to 20 individuals living inside the small group.

Facts about Capybaras

Facts about Capybaras

Facts about Capybaras 3: hunting

People like to hunt capybara for their meat. But this animal does not receive any threatened status. The pharmaceutical industry uses the grease taken from the thick fatty skin of capybara.

Facts about Capybaras 4: the characteristics of the body

Capybara has a short head. The body reminds you with the shape of a barrel. The upper part of the body features the reddish brown fur. The yellowish brown fur is seen underneath the body.

Capybaras Pet

Capybaras Pet

Facts about Capybaras 5: the unusual feature

The unusual feature can be seen on the sweat glands located on surface of the skin. It is very unique since not all rodents have it. Find bunnies facts here.

Facts about Capybaras 6: the size of adult capybara

The length of an adult capybara is around 3.48 to 4.40 feet or 106 to 134 cm.  The height of this rodent is around 20 to 24 inches or 50 to 62 cm. The weight is around 77 to 146 lb or 35 to 66 kilogram.

Capybaras Facts

Capybaras Facts

Facts about Capybaras 7: the heaviest weight

The heaviest records for capybara are taken from a wild male from Uruguay which has the weight at 162 lb or 73.5 kilogram. The wild female from Brazil takes the record with 201 lb or 91 kilogram of weight.

Facts about Capybaras 8: the range

Capybara can be found living in various parts in South America. But you will not find them in Chile.

Capybaras Pic

Capybaras Pic

Facts about Capybaras 9: the habitat

Since capybara is considered as a semi aquatic mammal, they like living near the water such as near the lake, ponds, swamps, rivers and marshes. Get facts about camels here.

Facts about Capybaras 10: diet

The aquatic plants and grasses are considered as the main food for capybara. Thus, they are considered as herbivores.



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