10 Facts about Caracas Venezuela

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Facts about Caracas Venezuela talk about the capital of Venezuela. In the country, it is considered as the largest city. The official name of Caracas is Santiago de León de Caracas. If you want to visit the city, you need to go to the northern part of Venezuela. Since Caracas features the mountain range, the people who want to build houses or commercial buildings should have it in the height around 2,490 to 2,990 feet above the sea elevation. Check other interesting facts about Caracas below:

Facts about Caracas Venezuela 1: five municipalities

There are five municipalities that the Metropolitan District of Caracas has. Those include El Hatillo, Sucre, Baruta, Chacao and Libertador Municipality. The first four ones are located in Miranda States. The administrative division in Capital District of Venezuela is the latter one.

Facts about Caracas Venezuela 2: Libertador

If you want to know various government buildings in the country, you need to reach Libertador municipality. It is also the house of Capital District inhabited by 2,013,366 people based on the report in 2011.

Caracas Venezuela Pic

Caracas Venezuela Pic

Facts about Caracas Venezuela 3: Metropolitan District of Caracas

In 2013, the people who lived in Metropolitan District of Caracas were 3,273,863. There were 5,243,301 who lived in the Metropolitan Region of Caracas.

Facts about Caracas Venezuela 4: the businesses

You can find banks, service companies and malls in Caracas. The economy in the area is mainly focused on the service. The metropolitan area is filled with some industries.

Caracas Venezuela

Caracas Venezuela

Facts about Caracas Venezuela 5: PDVSA

The largest company in Venezuela is PDVSA. It stands for Petróleos de Venezuela.

Facts about Caracas Venezuela 6: the cultural capital

People think that the cultural capital in Venezuela is Caracas. You can find shopping centers, museums, theaters, and restaurants here.

Caracas Venezuela Travel

Caracas Venezuela Travel

Facts about Caracas Venezuela 7: Federal Capitol

The neoclassical pediments and golden domes are seen on the Federal Capitol. In 1870s, Antonio Guzmán Blanco commissioned the construction of this building. Check facts about Cancun here.

Facts about Caracas Venezuela 8: Caracas East Park

If you want to know the green paradise in the city, you can visit Caracas East Park. The location is in the center of the city. Roberto Burle Marx was the Brazilian architect who designed this park.

Caracas Venezuela Picture

Caracas Venezuela Picture

Facts about Caracas Venezuela 9: The Teresa Carreño Cultural Complex

The most important theater in the city is Teresa Carreño Cultural Complex. You can find various performances such as dramatic works, ballet, operas, concerts, and symphonic works. Find facts about Cape Town South Africa here.

Facts about Caracas Venezuela 10: Parque Central

The art and culture hub in Caracas is Parque Central. Teresa Carreño Cultural Complex, cinemas and museum are located in this area.

Facts about Caracas Venezuela

Facts about Caracas Venezuela

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