10 Facts about Carbon

Thursday, October 15th 2015. | Chemistry

The chemical element is explained in Facts about Carbon. The atomic number is 6 with the symbol is C. Carbon is considered as the 4th most abundant element in the universe. It is still behind hydrogen, helium and oxygen. In the earth’s crust, it is considered as the fifteenth most abundant element. Check other interesting facts about carbon below:

Facts about Carbon 1: the importance of carbon

Carbon is considered as the chemical basis of life due to its amazing ability to form the temperature of earth. It also has unique compound. Until this present day, the experts have identified at least 10 million compounds.

Facts about Carbon 2: the bond

There are various kinds of ways to bond carbon atoms. The common examples of carbon allotropes include amorphous carbon, diamond and graphite.

Carbon Facts

Carbon Facts

Facts about Carbon 3: physical properties

The allotropic form of carbon determines the physical properties of this element. The diamond has transparent color, while opaque black is seen in graphite.

Facts about Carbon 4: Graphite

Graphite is taken from the Greek word. In English, it means to write. Since graphite is very soft, people use it to write on the paper.



Facts about Carbon 5: diamond

Diamond is mostly used to crate jewelry such as ring, bracelet and necklace. It is considered as the hardest material in the world.

Facts about Carbon 6: the conductivity

The conductivity of carbon allotropes is very different. The very low electrical conductivity is seen in the diamond. You can get good conductor using graphite.

Carbon Picture

Carbon Picture

Facts about Carbon 7: the highest thermal conductivities

The highest thermal conductivities are seen on carbon nanotubes and diamond under the normal circumstances.

Facts about Carbon 8: the inorganic carbon

Carbon dioxide, dolomites and limestones are considered as the largest sources of inorganic carbon. But people can also get it from methane clathrates, oil, peat and coal. Get facts about caesium here.

Carbon Image

Carbon Image

Facts about Carbon 9: the presence of carbon

Carbon is not only presented in the earth crust. You can also check it in the universe. It is found in most atmospheres of the planets. You can also check it in the comets, stars and sun.

Facts about Carbon 10: where to find diamond and graphite

You can find most diamonds located in Namibia, South Africa, Congo, Botswana and Sierra Leone. Other countries which have diamond deposit include Australia, Russian Arctic, Brazil, Canada, and Arkansas, US. India, US, Russia, Greenland and Mexico have large quantities of graphite. Find facts about Australia here.

Facts about Carbon

Facts about Carbon

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