10 Facts about Carbon Cycle

Friday, October 16th 2015. | Science

Facts about Carbon Cycle tell you about the process of exchanging carbon in the atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, geosphere and pedosphere of earth. This biogeochemical cycle is very important in the life of living organism in the world.  It is one of the sequences of events which can keep the earth survives along with water and nitrogen cycle. Let’s find out other interesting carbon cycle below:

Facts about Carbon Cycle 1: the importance of carbon cycle

When you check the process of carbon cycle, you will know how the carbon is reused and recycled on earth.

Facts about Carbon Cycle 2: the discovery of carbon cycle

Joseph Priestley and Antoine Lavoisier were considered as the first persons who discovered the carbon cycle. However, Humphry Davy made carbon cycle popular in the world.

Carbon Cycle Facts

Carbon Cycle Facts

Facts about Carbon Cycle 3: the crucial function

The carbon based molecules support the life of earth. It is considered as one of the important compounds in the mineral and biological compounds.

Facts about Carbon Cycle 4: the various forms of carbon

There are various forms of carbon that you can find on earth. The green house effect and global warming that people and other living organism face today are due to the impact of CO2 or carbon dioxide. Check facts about carbon dioxide here.

Facts about Carbon Cycle

Facts about Carbon Cycle

Facts about Carbon Cycle 5: the change of carbon cycle

The carbon cycle today is influenced by the activities of human being. The level of carbon dioxide is increased for the last two centuries due to the high level of combustion produced by the industries, factories and automotives.

Facts about Carbon Cycle 6: the impact of increased CO2

The increased level of CO2 on the atmosphere affects the oceanic chemistry since it makes the patterns of weather and temperature on earth change. Find out facts about carbon here.

Carbon Cycle

Carbon Cycle

Facts about Carbon Cycle 7: the global carbon cycle

There are several major reservoirs of carbon which affect the global carbon cycle.  Those include the earth’s interior, sediments, oceans, terrestrial biosphere and atmosphere.

Facts about Carbon Cycle 8: the exchanges

The exchanges of carbon on those reservoirs happen because of various processes. The biological, physical, geological and chemical processes may affect the exchanges of carbon.

Carbon Cycle Pic

Carbon Cycle Pic

Facts about Carbon Cycle 9: carbon in the atmosphere

There are primary types of carbon that you can find on the atmosphere. Both are methane and carbon dioxide. The level of methane and carbon dioxide affects the presence of greenhouse on earth since they retain and absorb heat.

Facts about Carbon Cycle 10: photosynthesis

The process of photosynthesis is very important to conduct for it can decrease the level of carbon dioxide on the atmosphere.

Carbon Cycle Image

Carbon Cycle Image

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