10 Facts about Carbon Dioxide

Thursday, October 15th 2015. | Chemistry

Find out the odorless and colorless gas which is vital to the life of the living organism on earth in Facts about Carbon Dioxide. Can you tell me the chemical formula for carbon dioxide? It is CO2. The concentration of carbon dioxide on earth is around 0.04 percent by volume. Check other interesting facts about carbon dioxide below:

Facts about Carbon Dioxide 1: where to find the carbon dioxide

Do you know that carbon dioxide is soluble in the water? There is o need to wonder that you can find this natural element in the deposit of natural gas, petroleum, ice caps, glaciers, lakes, rivers and groundwater.

Facts about Carbon Dioxide 2: carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide is very important for the life of the living organism. Can you imagine if there is no carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? The photosynthetic organisms cannot perform this process.

Carbon Dioxide Image

Carbon Dioxide Image

Facts about Carbon Dioxide 3: photosynthesis process

Photosynthesis process is very important to produce oxygen. To conduct this process, the cyanobacteria, algae and plants will photosynthesize carbohydrate from water and carbon dioxide using the light energy.

Facts about Carbon Dioxide 4: the respiration process

During the respiration process, the living organisms like human beings, animals and plants produce carbon dioxide. All anaerobic organisms produce CO2 in the respiration process.

Carbon Dioxide Picture

Carbon Dioxide Picture

Facts about Carbon Dioxide 5: production of CO2

The production of carbon dioxide is not only from the respiration of living organisms. During the fermentation process to create wine, beer and bread, carbon dioxide is also produced. The process of decaying the organic matters also involves the production of CO2. Find facts about carbon dating here.

Facts about Carbon Dioxide 6: the combustion

When people use fossil fuels like petroleum, pear, natural gas and coal in the combustion process, it also generates carbon dioxide.

Carbon Dioxide Pic

Carbon Dioxide Pic

Facts about Carbon Dioxide 7: an important material for the beverages industries

There are various usages of carbon dioxide in the industries. You can add sparkle in the champagne, beer and carbonated beverages by adding carbon dioxide.

Facts about Carbon Dioxide 8: other usages

The fire extinguishers and welding have carbon dioxide used as the insert gas. During the process of decaffeination of coffee, the liquid form of carbon dioxide is used.

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide

Facts about Carbon Dioxide 9: global warming

The industries burn a significant amount of carbon based fuel which increases the concentration of carbon dioxide on earth. It makes earth face global warming. Get facts about cadmium here.

Facts about Carbon Dioxide 10: the industries which use carbon dioxide

The chemical industry, oil industry and food industry use carbon dioxide.

Facts about Carbon Dioxide

Facts about Carbon Dioxide

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