10 Facts about Carbon Footprint

Friday, October 16th 2015. | Environment

Find out the interesting Facts about Carbon Footprint in the below post. Can you tell me the definition of carbon footprint? The phrase carbon footprint is defined as a total set of greenhouse gas emission. The production of this gas emission can be conducted because of a product, an event, an individual or even an organization. Here are other interesting facts about carbon footprint:

Facts about Carbon Footprint 1: the total carbon footprint

It is not easy for the people to count the exact amount of the total carbon footprint in the world. The limitation occurs because of the natural production of carbon and the various data that the people have to collect to count it.

Facts about Carbon Footprint 2: the greenhouse gases

The greenhouse gases can be produced in various ways. The consumption and production of materials, manufactured goods, fuels, food and service generate the greenhouse gases. Get facts about carbon monoxide here.

Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint

Facts about Carbon Footprint 3: the indirect sources

The indirect source is the common source of carbon footprint emission in the household of United States. The indirect source includes the fuel burned to manufacture and produce goods. Then they will be sold to the customers.

Facts about Carbon Footprint 4: the concept of carbon footprint

Rees and Wackernagel invented the concept name of carbon footprint in 1990s when both discussed the ecological footprint.

Facts about Carbon Footprint

Facts about Carbon Footprint

Facts about Carbon Footprint 5: a measure

The energy plan for the city of Lynnwood, Washington was developed by using the carbon footprints in 2007.  At that time, the experts used it to measure the carbon emission.

Facts about Carbon Footprint 6: the carbon footprint and ecological footprint

The carbon footprint and ecological footprint are different. The former one is more specific than the latter one. When the people want to measure the direct emissions of gasses, they need to know the carbon footprint. Check carbon facts here.

Carbon Footprint Picture

Carbon Footprint Picture

Facts about Carbon Footprint 7: the footprint indicators

Besides carbon footprints, the people have to check other footprint indicators if they want to know the ecological footprints like the land footprint and water footprint.

Facts about Carbon Footprint 8: the gasoline use

The gasoline use is considered as the single largest source of emission from the household usage.

Carbon Footprint Pic

Carbon Footprint Pic

Facts about Carbon Footprint 9: the other sources of household carbon footprints

Other sources of carbon footprint in the household include the usage of electricity, transportation, seafood products, and natural gas.

Facts about Carbon Footprint 10: the factors which affect carbon footprints

The level of carbon footprints is influenced by the economic output, population, carbon intensity and energy.

Carbon Cycle

Carbon Cycle

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