10 Facts about Carbon Monoxide

Thursday, October 15th 2015. | Chemistry

Check the tasteless, odorless and colorless gas in Facts about Carbon Monoxide. If the concentration of carbon monoxide is above 35 ppm, it can be toxic for human being. The low quantities of carbon oxide are produced in the normal animal metabolism. The ground level of ozone is formed by the carbon monoxide. Let’s check other interesting facts about carbon monoxide by reading the below post:

Facts about Carbon Monoxide 1: the formation

You can find one oxygen atom and one carbon atom in carbon monoxide. There are two covalent bonds and one dative covalent bond on a triple bond of the gas.

Facts about Carbon Monoxide 2: the production

When there is not enough oxygen to produce carbon dioxide, the carbon monoxide will be produced.

Carbon Monoxide Facts

Carbon Monoxide Facts

Facts about Carbon Monoxide 3: the example of production of carbon monoxide

The carbon monoxide is likely to form when you have an internal combustion engine or stove inside an enclosed area.

Facts about Carbon Monoxide 4: the production of carbon dioxide

The carbon dioxide will be produced when you have the carbon monoxide and oxygen. It generates the blue gas.

Facts about Carbon Monoxide

Facts about Carbon Monoxide

Facts about Carbon Monoxide 5: the usage of coal gas

In 1960s, the coal gas was widely used by the people. It was used for heating, cooking and domestic lighting. The byproduct in iron smelting still includes carbon monoxide.

Facts about Carbon Monoxide 6: the natural sources of carbon monoxide

You can get the natural natures of carbon monoxide from the forest fires or even volcanoes.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide

Facts about Carbon Monoxide 7: the largest source of carbon monoxide

Can you tell me the largest source of carbon monoxide? It is located at the troposphere. Each year, there are 5×1012 kilograms of carbon monoxide produced. Get facts about carbon here.

Facts about Carbon Monoxide 8: the fatal air poisoning

You have to be careful with carbon monoxide since it can be toxic for human being. There are a lot of cases of fatal air poisoning caused by carbon monoxide in various countries in the world.



Facts about Carbon Monoxide 9: the characteristics

Carbon monoxide is tasteless, odorless and colorless. However, it is very toxic. Get facts about carbon dioxide here.

Facts about Carbon Monoxide 10: the concentration

50 percent of the hemoglobin inside the body will be transformed into carboxyhemoglobin if the concentration of CO is as low as 667 ppm.

Carbon Monoxide Pic

Carbon Monoxide Pic

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