10 Facts about Carbon Tax

Friday, October 16th 2015. | Environment

If you want to know the tax levied on the carbon content of a fuel, you need to check Facts about Carbon Tax.  The tax on the carbon is used for carbon pricing. When the fuel is burnt, it will release carbon dioxide. The natural gas, petroleum and coal are included as a hydrocarbon fuel which contains carbon. The people who use hydropower, sunlight, wind and nuclear energy will not get carbon as the byproduct because they are included as non combustion energy sources. Check other interesting facts about carbon tax below:

Facts about Carbon Tax 1: the negative impact of carbon dioxide

The usage of fuel releases the high level of carbon dioxide on the atmosphere. It contributes a lot to the presence of global warming since CO2 is included as a greenhouse gases. Thus, it presents the negative impact on earth. Find facts about carbon dioxide here.

Facts about Carbon Tax 2: the tax

The tax of carbon is applied because the presence of greenhouse gas emission is affected by the fossil fuel combustion. Therefore, the industries should tax the carbon content in the fossil fuels.


Facts about Carbon Tax

Facts about Carbon Tax

Facts about Carbon Tax 3: decreasing the negative impact

The people believe that the greenhouse gas emission can be decreased effectively by imposing the carbon taxes.

Facts about Carbon Tax 4: Pigovian tax

The tax applied on the carbon is included as Pigovian tax if you check it based on the perspective of economy. The people with low income can be affected by this tax directly or indirectly.

Carbon Tax

Carbon Tax

Facts about Carbon Tax 5: the opposition

Even though some people view the carbon tax as potential way to decrease the emission of carbon of earth, there are several people who oppose it. They are afraid that the implication of carbon tax makes them lose the job.

Facts about Carbon Tax 6: the countries which resist carbon taxes

The countries which resist the carbon taxes include Russia, United States and China. All of them are considered as the largest users of carbon.

Carbon Tax Pic

Carbon Tax Pic

Facts about Carbon Tax 7: the positive impact

The people who view the carbon tax positively argue that it can increase the employment and decrease the emission level of carbon.

Facts about Carbon Tax 8: the main cause of global warming

The main cause of global warming is the greenhouse gas emission induced by human being. Check carbon footprint facts here.

Carbon Tax Facts

Carbon Tax Facts

Facts about Carbon Tax 9: the amount of produced carbon

Every year, human beings produce around 27 billion tones of CO2 in the world.

Facts about Carbon Tax 10: the policy

The people argue that carbon tax is one of the best policies to reduce the carbon emission rate.

Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint

What do you think on facts about carbon tax?

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