10 Facts about Cardiac Muscle

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Facts about Cardiac Muscle inform you with the information about the heart muscle. Actually there are three major types of muscles in the body. Those are the smooth muscle, skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle. There are only three nuclei that you can find in the cells of cardiac muscles. The cells are called myocardiocytes or cardiomyocytes. Check other interesting facts about cardiac muscle below:

Facts about Cardiac Muscle 1: what is myocardium?

Heart contains muscle tissues. People call it myocardium. The inner endocardium layer and outer epicardium layer is separated with a thick middle layer of myocardium.

Facts about Cardiac Muscle 2: the function of cardiac muscle cells

Let’s find out the function of the cardiac muscle cells. They have the functions to deliver nutrients and oxygen via the blood and electrical supply. The water products like carbon dioxide will be eliminated from the body.

Cardiac Muscle Image

Cardiac Muscle Image

Facts about Cardiac Muscle 3: cross striations

The thin and thick protein filaments have the rotating segment which form the cross striations on the cardiac muscle.

Facts about Cardiac Muscle 4: the primary structures

Can you guess the primary structures of cardiac muscle? It is similar with other muscles. The structures are made of protein called actin and myosin.

Cardiac Muscle

Cardiac Muscle

Facts about Cardiac Muscle 5: the actin filaments

The lighter appearance on the l bands of the muscles is seen due to the presence of actin filaments. They have the thin texture.

Facts about Cardiac Muscle 6: the myosin filaments

What about the myosin filaments?  If you observe them using the electron microscopy, myosin presents the darker look on the A bands. They have thicker texture.

Cardiac Muscle Texture

Cardiac Muscle Texture

Facts about Cardiac Muscle 7: T-tubules

You can distinguish the skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle from the T-tubules. The bigger and wider T-tubules are spotted on cardiac muscles. Get facts about bones and muscles here.

Facts about Cardiac Muscle 8: the regeneration of cardiac muscle cells

The common belief stated that cardiac muscle cells could not be regenerated. It seems that this belief is not true after the publication of a study in Science on 3 April 2009.

Facts about Cardiac Muscle

Facts about Cardiac Muscle

Facts about Cardiac Muscle 9: the disease

The common disease which affects the cardiac muscle includes ischemia. This condition occurs when myocardium does not receive sufficient oxygen. Get facts about body system here.

Facts about Cardiac Muscle 10: inflammation

The inflammation on the cardiac muscle may occur if there is any virus which leads into myocarditis. Another disease is Cardiomyopathies. The genetic mutation is the main cause.

Cardiac Muscle facts

Cardiac Muscle facts

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