10 Facts about Cardiff

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Facts about Cardiff tell you about the largest city in Wales. It also serves as the capital city of Wales. In United Kingdom, Cardiff is placed in the 10th position of the largest city. The National Assembly of Wales is located in the city. Based on the report in 2011, there were 346,000 people who lived in the unitary authority area of Cardiff. Check other interesting information about the city below:

Facts about Cardiff 1: the population in Cardiff

There were 861,400 people who lived in the Larger Urban Zone based on the report in 2009. The Cardiff and south Wales valleys metropolitan area were occupied by 1,100,000 people. Get facts about Cape Town South Africa here.

Facts about Cardiff 2: the tourist destination

Cardiff is considered as one of the most popular tourist destinations in United Kingdom. There were around 18.3 million people who visited the city in 2010.

Cardiff facts

Cardiff facts

Facts about Cardiff 3: as a city

In 1905, Cardiff got the city states. In 1955, it was selected as the capital of Wales. The development of Cardiff as a prominent city has been seen since 1990s.

Facts about Cardiff 4: Cardiff Bay

Don’t forget to visit Cardiff Bay. You can check the new waterfront area which houses the Wales Millennium Centre arts complex and Welsh Assembly. Find facts about Caracas Venezuela here.

Facts about Cardiff

Facts about Cardiff

Facts about Cardiff 5: the development in Cardiff

There are various kinds of developments ongoing in the city. The projects for developing Cardiff include the business district proposed in the city center, a BBC drama village and Cardiff International Sports Village. The Cardiff bay will be redeveloped too.

Facts about Cardiff 6: the sporting venues in Cardiff

Can you mention some sporting venues in Cardiff? Those include Cardiff International Sports Stadium, Millennium Stadium, SWALEC Stadium, Cardiff Arms Park and Cardiff City Stadium.



Facts about Cardiff 7: climate in Cardiff

The climate in Cardiff is defined as wet, cloudy and windy. It has the mild weather. Find facts about Bolsover Castle here.

Facts about Cardiff 8: the summer season

The top temperature in Cardiff during the summer season reaches 66 degree to 72 degree F or 19 to 22 degree C. It has the sunny and warm weather.

Cardiff Skyline

Cardiff Skyline

Facts about Cardiff 9: the famous landmarks

The various landmarks which attract the people’s attention include the Senedd or the National Assembly of Wales, Llandaff Cathedral, Pierhead Building, Cardiff Castle, and Millennium Stadium.

Facts about Cardiff 10: Cardiff Castle

If you are interested to visit Cardiff Castle, you have to reach the city center. This building is enticing for it has magnificent stone castle and great view. Get facts about Facts about Caerphilly Castle here.

Cardiff Pic

Cardiff Pic

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