10 Facts about Cardiff Bay

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Facts about Cardiff Bay present the information about the interesting area of South Cardiff. Cardiff Barrage created this area as a part of the development project in Cardiff. Due to the wonderful regeneration, it is called as one of the successful development projects in United Kingdom. Check other interesting facts about Cardiff Bay below:

Facts about Cardiff Bay 1: the rivers

There are two rivers which supply the water of Cardiff Bay. Both are the Ely and Taff Rivers. The bay is located at the south area of this city. It features the freshwater lake.

Facts about Cardiff Bay 2: the three locks

The three locks on the Cardiff Bay enable the people to enjoy the 24 hour access on the sea. In the past, people could only check the sea a couple of hours due to the tidal bay.

facts about Cardiff Bay

facts about Cardiff Bay

Facts about Cardiff Bay 3: the importance of Cardiff Bay

During the industrial age, Cardiff Bay was very important. The coal was exported from South Wales Valleys to the world via Cardiff Bay.

Facts about Cardiff Bay 4: the fund

Due to the flourished coal mining, Cardiff was selected as the capital city of Wales. The fund was party taken from the industry. At that time, Third Marquis of Bute was selected as the wealthiest man in the world for he owned the docks.

Cardiff Bay

Cardiff Bay

Facts about Cardiff Bay 5: the population

Since the mining industry in Cardiff Bay flourished, the people who moved to the city were increased.  There were various sailors and dockworkers from many parts of the world that stayed on the Tiger Bay.

Facts about Cardiff Bay 6: the people who lived on Tiger Bay

Tiger Bay is the neighborhood located near the docks.  The people who settled here were from different nationalities such as Irish, Spanish, Yemeni, Somali, Norwegian and Italian.

Cardiff Bay Pic

Cardiff Bay Pic

Facts about Cardiff Bay 7: after World War 2

The mining industry in Cardiff Bay was declined after the end of World War 2. However, the establishment of Cardiff Bay Barrage gives a new air on the area. Find facts about Cahokia here.

Facts about Cardiff Bay 8: the habitat

Cardiff Bay becomes a home to various freshwater animals. However, the habitat of wading birds was lost during the construction.

Cardiff Bay Image

Cardiff Bay Image

Facts about Cardiff Bay 9: the public opening

The north side of Roath basin and inner harbor of Cardiff Bay are open for public. Get facts about Cape Hatteras here.

Facts about Cardiff Bay 10: the notable buildings

There are various notable buildings in Cardiff Bay. Those include The Pierhead, St David’s Hotel, The Wales Millennium Centre, and The Senedd.

Cardiff Bay Facts

Cardiff Bay Facts

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