10 Facts about Cardiff Castle

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Facts about Cardiff Castle tell you about the famous castle located in Cardiff, Wales. This medieval castle also has a mansion which reflects the look of Victorian gothic style. In 11th century, Norman invaders build the original motte and bailey construction of this castle. Let’s find out other interesting facts about Cardiff Castle below:

Facts about Cardiff Castle 1: who commissioned the construction of Cardiff Castle?

The persons who commissioned the construction of Cardiff Castle could be William the Conqueror or by Robert Fitzhamon. The location of the castle was in the center of the medieval town of Cardiff.

Facts about Cardiff Castle 2: the stone construction

The stone castle was more popular during the medieval era than the wooden castle. The people believed that Robert of Gloucester rebuilt the Cardiff Castle with stone in 12th century. It featured the defensive walls and shell keeps.

Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle

Facts about Cardiff Castle 3: another restoration

In the 2nd half of 13th century, Richard de Clare continued the restoration of Cardiff Castle.

Facts about Cardiff Castle 4: the conflicts

There were various conflicts which occurred in Cardiff Castle. It became the witness of the revolt of Owain Glyndwr in 1404. In 12th century, there were several attacks in the castle. The conflict was mostly between the Welsh and Anglo-Normans.

Facts about Cardiff Castle

Facts about Cardiff Castle

Facts about Cardiff Castle 5: the owners

The de Clare and Despenser families had Cardiff Castle for several centuries. In 1423, the castle was owned by Richard de Beauchamp.

Facts about Cardiff Castle 6: the west side of the castle

The new owner Richard de Beauchamp conducted restoration on Cardiff Castle. He focused on the west part of the castle. It featured the octagonal tower.

Cardiff Castle, Wales

Cardiff Castle, Wales

Facts about Cardiff Castle 7: Marcher territory

Cardiff Castle gained the status as Marcher territory before the Wars of Roses. The military significance of this castle was decreased after the Wars of Roses. Find facts about Bran Castle here.

Facts about Cardiff Castle 8: The Herbert family

In 1550, Cardiff Castle was owned by Herbert family. The outer bailey of the castle was constructed.

Cardiff Castle Image

Cardiff Castle Image

Facts about Cardiff Castle 9: an air raid shelter

The castle walls featured the air raid shelters during the war. There were 1,800 people who could be accommodated in the shelter. The city of Cardiff got the castle after the death of Marquess.

Facts about Cardiff Castle 10: the tourist attraction

Today people can visit Cardiff Castle for it is one of the famous tourist attractions in the world. You can find festivals and musical performances held at the venue of Cardiff Castle. Get facts about Bodiam Castle here.

Cardiff Castle Building

Cardiff Castle Building

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