10 Facts about Cardinals

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Check the interesting information about the passerine birds in Facts about Cardinals. You can find them living in South America and North America. The birds are included in the family Cardinalidae. However, the South American cardinals included in the genus Paroaria are classified in the family Thraupidae. Cardinals are often called as cardinal buntings or cardinal grosbeaks. Here is other useful information about cardinal for you:

Facts about Cardinals 1: the characteristics

Let’s find out the characteristics of cardinals. You can find the strong bills and robust body on the birds. These animals eat seed as the main diet.

Facts about Cardinals 2: the weight and length

The weight and length of cardinals depend on the species. The black headed saltator has the weight around 2.99 oz or 85 gram with the length at 9.8 inches or 25 cm. Other species only reach the weight at 0.40 oz or 11.5 gram with the length at 4.7 inches.

Cardinal Color

Cardinal Color

Facts about Cardinals 3: the open woodland

Most cardinals live in the open woodland. There is no need to wonder that the birds are always linked with the woodland in open space.

Facts about Cardinals 4: Catholic cardinal’s mitre

Catholic cardinal’s mitre was named by the colonist. It is the species of northern cardinal which has the red crest on the male species.



Facts about Cardinals 5: the North American bunting

The North American bunting is often called as the tropical bunting. However, not all of them live in the tropics.

Facts about Cardinals 6: the status

Cardinals receive the least concern status from IUCN. It means that the people do not have to worry about the population of cardinals in the world.

Cardinals Facts

Cardinals Facts

Facts about Cardinals 7:Habia rubica

Habia rubica is the scientific name of red crowned ant tanager. The weight for the female one is 31 kilogram, while the male one has the weight at 34 kilogram. It can grow with the length at 7.1 inches or 18 cm. Check facts about bluebirds here.

Facts about Cardinals 8: the characteristics of Red-crowned ant tanagers

The Red-crowned ant tanagers are included as noisy bird. But it is surprising to know that the animals are very shy.



Facts about Cardinals 9: Porphyrospiza caerulescens

Another species of cardinal is Porphyrospiza caerulescens. People often call it yellow billed blue finch or blue finch. They like living in dry savannah. Check bird migration facts here.

Facts about Cardinals 10: Pheucticus chrysopeplus

Pheucticus chrysopeplus is another species of cardinal to note. You can call it yellow grosbeak or Mexican yellow grosbeak.

Facts about Cardinals

Facts about Cardinals

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