10 Facts about Caribbean

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If you want to know the region which includes the Caribbean islands and the sea, you need to check Facts about Caribbean. The location of Caribbean is on the north of South America, north of American mainland and southeast of Gulf of Mexico. This region is famous as a tourist destination due to the magnificent beaches. Let’s find out other interesting Caribbean facts below:

Facts about Caribbean 1: the amazing regions

Caribbean is considered as an amazing region. You can find at least 700 islands, reefs, islets, and cays in the region.

Facts about Caribbean 2: the division of Caribbean islands

Caribbean islands are divided in two regions. At the south and east, you can check the Lesser Antilles. The Greater Antilles are seen on the north.

Caribbean Beach

Caribbean Beach

Facts about Caribbean 3: the wider definition of Caribbean

If you check the wider definition of Caribbean islands, actually not only regions located at the Lesser Antilles and great Antilles included in Caribbean. The mainland countries of Suriname, Venezuela, Belize, and French Guiana are included too along with Caicos Islands, Bahamas and Turks islands.

Facts about Caribbean 4: the geopolitical of Caribbean

Let’s find out the geopolitical of Caribbean islands. There are around 30 territories in the regions. If we talk about the status of the territories, they can be the dependencies, overseas departments or even sovereign states. All of them are included in the sub region of North America.

Caribbean Image

Caribbean Image

Facts about Caribbean 5: Netherlands Antilles

Netherlands Antilles were the five states included as Dutch Dependencies. They decided to form a country from 15 December 1954 until 10 October 2010. Get facts about Cardiff Bay here.

Facts about Caribbean 6: Federation of the West Indies

Federation of the West Indies is another short lived country in Caribbean. It lasted from 3 January 1958 until 31 May 1962. It was formed by 10 English speaking territories in Caribbean.

Caribbean Facts

Caribbean Facts

Facts about Caribbean 7: the fauna

The fauna in Caribbean is amazing. The biodiversity is fantastic since 8 percent of the coral reefs in the world are located in the island.

Facts about Caribbean 8: the threatened animals

There are several threatened animals in Caribbean. Those include the Cuban crocodile, giant shrews and Puerto Rican Amazon.



Facts about Caribbean 9: the indigenous groups in Caribbean

The indigenous groups in Caribbean include the Lucayan, Arawak, Ciguayo, Igneri, Garifuna, Macorix and Ciboney people. Find facts about Brighton Beach here.

Facts about Caribbean 10: languages

There are major languages spoken by people in Caribbean. Those are Haitian Creole, Dutch, French, Spanish, Papiamento, and English.

Facts about Caribbean

Facts about Caribbean

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