10 Facts about Caribbean Sea

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Facts about Caribbean Sea talk about the sea located at the Western Hemisphere. It is a part of the Atlantic Ocean.  You have to check the boundaries of the Caribbean Sea. The Greater Antilles is seen to the northern. Lesser Antilles is seen to the east. To the west and southwest, you can find the Central America and Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico as the boundaries. The north coast of South America is seen to the south. Check other interesting facts about Caribbean Sea below:

Facts about Caribbean Sea 1: the Caribbean

The term Caribbean is used to call the islands located in the West Indies and Caribbean Sea. Actually the nearby coasts are included as the Caribbean too.

Facts about Caribbean Sea 2: the area of the Caribbean Sea

Can you guess the area of Caribbean Sea? It has the area at 1,063,000 square miles or 2,754,000 km square. It is considered as one of the largest seas in the world. Get facts about Caribbean here.

Facts about Caribbean Sea

Facts about Caribbean Sea

Facts about Caribbean Sea 3: the deepest point

If you want to check the deepest point of Caribbean Sea, you can go to Cayman Trough. It has the depth at 25,220 feet or 7,886 meter below the sea elevation. The location is in the middle of Jamaica and Cayman Islands.

Facts about Caribbean Sea 4: the bays and gulfs

Can you mention the bays and gulfs that Caribbean Sea has? They include Gulf of Honduras, Gulf of Venezuela, Gulf of Gonâve, Golfo de los Mosquitos, Gulf of Darién, and Gulf of Darién.

Caribbean Sea

Caribbean Sea

Facts about Caribbean Sea 5: the barrier reef

People love to visit Caribbean Sea because it is famous with the amazing barrier reef. People call it Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. The report finds out that it is considered as the second largest barrier reef in the world. The barrier reef can be seen along Honduras, Guatemala, and Belize and Mexican coasts.

Facts about Caribbean Sea 6: the coral reef

There are around 9 percent of coral reefs in the world located in Caribbean Sea. Get facts about Aral Sea here.

Caribbean Sea Pic

Caribbean Sea Pic

Facts about Caribbean Sea 7: the coral reef

The coral reef in Caribbean Sea is centered on the Central American coasts and Caribbean islands.

Facts about Caribbean Sea 8: Belize Barrier Reef

In 1996, UNESCO included Belize Barrier Reef as a World Heritage Site.

Caribbean Sea Image

Caribbean Sea Image

Facts about Caribbean Sea 9: the damage of coral reef

The coral reef in Caribbean Sea is threatened due to the increased temperature of the sea because of global warming effect.

Facts about Caribbean Sea 10: the average weather in Caribbean Sea

Caribbean Sea has the weather temperature around 21 to 29 degree C.  It has warm temperature.

Caribbean Sea facts

Caribbean Sea facts

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