10 Facts about Carisbrooke Castle

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Facts about Carisbrooke Castle present the interesting information about the motte and bailey building in Carisbrooke. The location of this village is closed to Newport, Isle of Wight in England. This castle is very important for it also takes part in the British history. Do you know before the trial, Charles I was jailed in the castle? Check other interesting facts about Carisbrooke Castle below:

Facts about Carisbrooke Castle 1: the strength

People believe that the strongest castle in the island is Carisbrooke Castle. However, this castle could not show its dominance in the history.

Facts about Carisbrooke Castle 2: the characteristics of the building

Below the later buildings of Carisbrooke Castle, you can find out the traces of Roman fort. The upper parts were made in 16th century, while the domestic building at the middle of castle enclosure was made in 13th century. If you want to reach the keep, you have to follow 71 steps.

Carisbrooke Castle facts

Carisbrooke Castle facts

Facts about Carisbrooke Castle 3: the main rooms

The Governor in the Isle of Wight used the main rooms in the castle as the official residence until 1940s even though some parts are in ruins.

Facts about Carisbrooke Castle 4: the public visitors

The people can visit the castle since you can check the Great Chamber, Great Hall and other small rooms in the castle. The Isle of Wight Museum can be seen on the upper room of the castle.

Carisbrooke Castle

Carisbrooke Castle

Facts about Carisbrooke Castle 5: King Charles I

When we talk about Carisbrooke Castle, we should never forget King Charles I. He was imprisoned in the castle. He was not able to escape from the bars of his windows even though he tried to escape from the castle in 1648.

Facts about Carisbrooke Castle 6: the main gate

Lord Scales became the lord of Carisbrooke Castle in 1464. He erected the main gate for this castle. It looks magnificent. Get facts about Beeston Castle here.

Carisbrooke Castle Pic

Carisbrooke Castle Pic

Facts about Carisbrooke Castle 7: the chapel

When you seen the main gate, you need to find out the historic chapel. The national memorial of Charles I was formerly known as the chapel of St Nicholas.

Facts about Carisbrooke Castle 8: the well

You can also check a well located inside the walls of the chapel. The depth of the well is 200 feet.

Carisbrooke Castle Image

Carisbrooke Castle Image

Facts about Carisbrooke Castle 9: the working donkey wheel

One of the main attractions in Carisbrooke Castle was the working donkey wheel. You can find long queues who want to know the donkeys and their wheels. Get facts about Cardiff Castle here.

Facts about Carisbrooke Castle 10: the medieval section

If you are interested to know the medieval section, you can check the Constable’s chamber.

Facts about Carisbrooke Castle

Facts about Carisbrooke Castle

Are you impressed after reading facts about Carisbrooke Castle?

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