10 Facts about Carl Linnaeus

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Find out the useful information about the Swedish zoologist, botanist and physician in Facts about Carl Linnaeus. He was born on May 23rd, 1707 and died on January 10th, 1778. His greatest contribution in the field of biology is the usage of binomial nomenclature. It is called as the modern biological naming. Here are other interesting facts about Linnaeus below:

Facts about Carl Linnaeus 1: the Latin name

Carl Linnaeus is also famous with his Latin name. People call this magnificent biologist as Carolus Linnæus. There were various works that he wrote in Latin.

Facts about Carl Linnaeus 2: the nickname

Due to his major contribution in the field of biology, he is nicknamed as the father of modern taxonomy. Moreover, he was included in the list of the influential fathers of modern ecology.

Facts about Carl Linnaeus

Facts about Carl Linnaeus

Facts about Carl Linnaeus 3: the place of birth

Linnaeus was born in 1707 in Smaland, southern Sweden. If we talk about his education, he got the higher education by attending Uppsala University. In 1730, he talked about botany when he gave lectures in the university.

Facts about Carl Linnaeus 4: living abroad

In the period of 1735 until 1738, Linnaeus lived in other countries. The first edition of Systema Naturae was published in the Netherland. Linnaeus lived abroad for he wanted to study more. He was appointed as the professor of medicine and botany in the University of Uppsala. Find facts about boreal forest here.

Carl Linnaeus

Carl Linnaeus

Facts about Carl Linnaeus 5: the classification of animals and plants

To create the classification of plants and animals, Linnaeus had to travel to various areas in Sweden in 1740s.

Facts about Carl Linnaeus 6: the publications

There were various publications of Linnaeus about the classifications of minerals, animals and plants. During 1750s and 1960s he still continued his journey to create the appropriate classification. Find facts about biology here.

Carl Linnaeus Pic

Carl Linnaeus Pic

Facts about Carl Linnaeus 7: the influential scientist in the history

He is considered as one of the influential scientists in the history. He got the fifth place of the most influential scientist based on the list of American news agency Time.

Facts about Carl Linnaeus 8: parents

Linnaeus was the son of Christina Brodersonia and Nils Ingemarsson Linnæus. His father was a Lutheran minister and amateur botanist.

Carl Linnaeus Image

Carl Linnaeus Image

Facts about Carl Linnaeus 9: the early life

Linnaeus was interested with flowers and plants since he was very young. He always calmed down when he was given a flower.

Facts about Carl Linnaeus 10: spending the time with his father

Linnaeus often spent his time with his father.  He was taught by his father the name of the flowers.

Carl Linnaeus Facts

Carl Linnaeus Facts

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