10 Facts about Carl Rogers

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The influential American psychologist is explained in facts about Carl Rogers. He was born on 8 January 1902 with the full name Carl Ransom Rogers and died on 4 February 1987. In the field of psychology, Rogers is called as one of the founders of the client centered approach or humanistic approach. Let’s check other interesting facts about Rogers below:

Facts about Carl Rogers 1: the award

In 1956, he was awarded by APA or American Psychological Association with the Award for Distinguished Scientific Contributions because of his amazing research for the field. There is no need to wonder that people recognize him as one of the founders of psychotherapy research.

Facts about Carl Rogers 2: the humanistic approach

He made a big contribution due to his humanistic approach or person centered approach. It helps the people to understand the human relationship and personality. Get Facts about Carl Friedrich Gauss here.

Carl Rogers facts

Carl Rogers facts

Facts about Carl Rogers 3: the usage of humanistic approach

The usage of humanistic approach is not only seen on psychology, but also on the education or student centered learning, counseling or client centered therapy, psychotherapy, group settings and organizations.

Facts about Carl Rogers 4: the award for Rogers’ professional work

In 1972, APA awarded him with Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Psychology due to his professional work in the world. Find facts about Carl Jung here.

Facts about Carl Rogers

Facts about Carl Rogers

Facts about Carl Rogers 5: the list of the eminent psychologist

Rogers took the 6th place of the most eminent psychologist in 20th century based on the study of Haggbloom et al. If you check the list among the clinicians, he took the second place. The first place was taken by the famous psychologist Sigmund Freud.

Facts about Carl Rogers 6: the place of birth

Do you know the place of birth of Carl Rogers? His birthplace was in Oak Park, Illinois.

Carl Rogers Quote

Carl Rogers Quote

Facts about Carl Rogers 7: parents

His mother was Julia M. Cushing. She was a homemaker. His father was Walter A. Rogers who worked as a civil engineer. There were six kids in the family and he was the fourth child.

Facts about Carl Rogers 8: an intelligent kid

If we talk about his early life, Rogers was smart and intelligent. Before he attended kindergarten, he was able to read.

Carl Rogers Pic

Carl Rogers Pic

Facts about Carl Rogers 9: the first career choice

Before you find him as a famous psychologist, he chose agriculture as his major when he attended University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Facts about Carl Rogers 10: a child study

He was interested with child study after he completed his doctoral study. He became the director of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children in 1930.

Carl Rogers Image

Carl Rogers Image

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