10 Facts about Carl Sagan

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Check the useful information about the famous American author, astronomer, cosmologist, science popularizer, science communicator, and astrophysicist in Facts about Carl Sagan. People recognize him due to his impressive contribution during the research of the extraterrestrial life. He also made a wonderful experiment by using the basic chemicals to create the amino acids by radiation. The discovery of the high level temperature on the surface of Venus was contributed by Sagan too. Here are other interesting facts about Sagan for you:

Facts about Carl Sagan 1: the first physical message

Sagan created the first physical messages into the space. Both were considered as the universal messages. He called the messages Voyager Golden Record and Pioneer plaque. He believed the extraterrestrial intelligence could find the messages and understand them.

Facts about Carl Sagan 2: as an author and editor

As I have stated before, Sagan was also an author. He also served as the editor and co authors. He had created more than 20 books and published around 600 scientific articles and papers. Get facts about black dwarf stars here.

Carl Sagan Facts

Carl Sagan Facts

Facts about Carl Sagan 3: the famous TV series

The famous TV series written and narrated by Sagan was Cosmos: A Personal Voyage. This popular series was aired in 1980 and it earned an award.

Facts about Carl Sagan 4: the popular science books

There are various science books written by Sagan. The popular ones include Pale Blue Dot, Broca’s Brain and The Dragon of Eden.

Facts about Carl Sagan

Facts about Carl Sagan

Facts about Carl Sagan 5: Cosmos: A Personal Voyage

Cosmos: A Personal Voyage is considered as one of the most widely watched public TV series in the American history. It was aired in more than 60 countries in the world and watched by around 500 million people.

Facts about Carl Sagan 6: Contact

Contact was the science fiction novel of Sagan. In 1997, the movie version was made based on the novel. Find facts about astronomy here.

Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan

Facts about Carl Sagan 7: the thought of Sagan

Sagan tried to promote SETI or Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence in his work. He also promoted the exobiology, scientific method and skeptical inquiry in his science.

Facts about Carl Sagan 8: professor of astronomy

Laboratory for Planetary Studies were directed by Sagan. At Cornell University, Sagan served as the professor of astronomy.

Carl Sagan Pic

Carl Sagan Pic

Facts about Carl Sagan 9: the honors and awards

There are various awards and honors that Sagan earned such as the Peabody Award and the Hugo Award, Pulitzer Prize, and two Emmy Awards.

Facts about Carl Sagan 10: personal life

Sagan had five children from his three marriages. On 20 December 1996, he died at the age of 62 because of pneumonia.

Carl Sagan Image

Carl Sagan Image

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