10 Facts about Carl Sandburg

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Facts about Carl Sandburg present the information about the writer, poet and editor from America. He was born on 6th January 1878 with his full name Carl August Sandburg. He died on 22nd July 1967. Do you know that Sandburg was a three times Pulitzer Prizes winner? He earned it because of the biography of Abraham Lincoln and the other prizes are for his poetry. Here are some interesting facts about Sandburg below:

Facts about Carl Sandburg 1: the contemporary literature

Sandburg was an influential writer in the contemporary literature. He was famous due to his magnificent works such as Smoke and Steel (1920), Cornhuskers (1918), and Chicago Poems (1916).

Facts about Carl Sandburg 2: the American life

Through his works, people recognize many strands in American life.  President Lyndon B. Johnson appreciated him when Sandburg died in 1967. Get facts about Bram Stoker here.

Facts about Carl Sandburg

Facts about Carl Sandburg

Facts about Carl Sandburg 3: parents

His father and mother had the Swedish ancestry.  His father was August Sandberg, while his mother was Clara Mathilda.

Facts about Carl Sandburg 4: the nickname

When he was in the elementary school, he chose Charlie or Charles as his nickname. It was also in the similar time that the surname of the family Sandberg was changed into Sandburg by him and two elder siblings.

Carl Sandburg Facts

Carl Sandburg Facts

Facts about Carl Sandburg 5: the early jobs

There were various jobs that Sandburg had. He started to drive a milk wagon when he left school at the age of 13 years old. Find facts about Bret Harte here.

Facts about Carl Sandburg 6: as a porter

Sandburg became a porter at Union Hotel barbershop in Galesburg when he was 14 years old until 17 to 18 years old.  Then he worked on the wheat plains of Kansas as a bricklayer and a farm laborer after he gave up his job as a milk driver for 18 months. He also had a chance to work as a hotel servant and a coal heaver.

Carl Sandburg

Carl Sandburg

Facts about Carl Sandburg 7: the writing career

Finally he ended up as a journalist for Chicago Daily News. It marked the beginning of his writing career.

Facts about Carl Sandburg 8: the writing works

After he became a journalist, Sandburg created various works like children’s literature, novels, biographies, history, film reviews and poetry.

Carl Sandburg Picture

Carl Sandburg Picture

Facts about Carl Sandburg 9: the place of living

In most cases, Sandburg lived in Midwest. However, he decided to relocate to North Carolina.

Facts about Carl Sandburg 10: the military career

Sandburg was included in the 6th Illinois Infantry when the Spanish and American war broke. San burg decided to volunteer himself in the military, but he never had the battle. On 25 July 1898, he was disembarked from Guanica, Puerto Rico.

Carl Sandburg Image

Carl Sandburg Image

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