10 Facts about Carl Werner

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Check the interesting information about the German watercolor painter in Facts about Carl Werner. Werner was born on 4th October 1808. He died on 10th January 1894. He was born with the full name Carl Friedrich Heinrich Werner. If you are curious to find out the early life, the birthplace and works of Carl Werner, check the below post in details:

Facts about Carl Werner 1: the place of birth of Werner

Do you know the place of birth of Werner? He was born in Weimar.

Facts about Carl Werner 2: the painting education

Werner was interested to study painting. Therefore, he was under the guidance of Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld during his painting study in Leipzig.

Carl Werner facts

Carl Werner facts

Facts about Carl Werner 3: the shift of focus

At first, he selected painting as his major.  It was very surprising to know that he shifted his focus to study architecture. He did it in 1829 until 1831 in Munich to learn more about architecture. However, he returned his focus again to study painting.

Facts about Carl Werner 4: a scholarship

Due his skill and ability, Werner had a chance to visit Italy because he was the winner of a scholarship. Until 1850s, he lived in Italy after he discovered a studio in Venice. In this fascinating city, Werner developed himself as a watercolor painter. He was famous there.

Carl Werner Image

Carl Werner Image

Facts about Carl Werner 5: the exhibitions

There were various exhibitions that he made during his life as a painter. You can find him exhibiting his works in Europe. He was amazed when his works were exhibited at New Watercolor Society in England.

Facts about Carl Werner 6: other countries

In 1856 and 1857, he went to Spain for the exhibition. In 1862 until 1864, Werner also traveled to Egypt and Palestine.

Carl Werner

Carl Werner

Facts about Carl Werner 7: the famous watercolor work of Werner

The famous work of Werner was seen in interior of Dome of the Rock. It was very special since he was one of the few non Muslims who got the access to paint the interior. There is no need to wonder that his watercolor in Jerusalem is famous in the world.

Facts about Carl Werner 8: Carl Werner’s Nile Sketches

If you are interested to check the collection of watercolor of this famous painter, you need to look at Carl Werner’s Nile Sketches. The collection was from his journey in 1875.

Facts about Carl Werner

Facts about Carl Werner

Facts about Carl Werner 9: the famous works

The famous works of Carl Werner include “The Lions’ Court of the Alhambra”, “The Zisa Hall in Palermo”, Venice in her Zenith and Decline”, and many more.

Facts about Carl Werner 10: other trips

Werner also made other trips to visit Sicily and Greece. In 1894, he passed away in Leipzig.

Carl Werner Art

Carl Werner Art

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