10 Facts about Carlisle

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Find out the useful information about the city and county town in Cumbria on Facts about Carlisle. The Carlisle City Council and Cumbria County Council consider it as the administrative center. There were 71,773 people lived in the city based on the census in 2001. The wider city was inhabited by 100,734 people.  The census in 2011 conducted with the population of Carlisle was 75,306 people. The wider city was occupied by 107,524 people. Check other interesting facts about Carlisle below:

Facts about Carlisle 1: the history of Carlisle

If you check the history of Carlisle, you will find out that it was a Roman settlement. William Rufus built Carlisle Castle to prevent the invasion from Scotland. Mary, Queen of Scots once was jailed in the castle.

Facts about Carlisle 2: the Carlisle Castle today

You can visit Carlisle Castle today for it is open for public.  You can also find the Border Regiment Museum and Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment. Find facts about Cardiff here.

Facts about Carlisle

Facts about Carlisle

Facts about Carlisle 3: the city

In 1133, the diocese was established so that Carlisle was granted with a city status.

Facts about Carlisle 4: the development of Carlisle

Carlisle began to develop after the industrial revolution flourished in the area. It was centered on the texture manufacture. It became a mill town with dense population.



Facts about Carlisle 5: north Cumbria

Carlisle is considered as the important city in north Cumbria for it serves as the industrial, commercial and cultural center. People call Carlisle as the Great Border City. You can find various heritage centers, museums and university of Cumbria here.

Facts about Carlisle 6: University of Cumbria

There are four campuses that you can find in University of Cumbria. They are located on Brampton Road, Fusehill Street, Newcastle Street and Paternoster Row. Some degree courses offered in the university include Law, Business, Art, Applied Psychology, Teacher Education, Social Work, Media and Applied Computing.

Carlisle Picture

Carlisle Picture

Facts about Carlisle 7: Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery

If you are interested to check the famous museum in the city, you can go to Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery. Carlisle Corporation opened the museum and art gallery in 1893. You can find out the history of Hadrian’s wall, Roman occupancy and Border Reivers here.

Facts about Carlisle 8: Tullie House

You can find out various kinds of traveling exhibitions in Tullie House. In 1990 and 2000, the museum was expanded. Get facts about Carlisle Castle here.

Carlisle Pic

Carlisle Pic

Facts about Carlisle 9: Sands Centre Sports Hall

The primary entertainment venue in the city is Sands Centre Sports Hall. The touring of the comedians and musicians is held here.

Facts about Carlisle 10: Carlisle Music Festival

Every year, the people can enjoy Carlisle Music Festival. The venue is located at Carlisle Cathedral.

Carlisle Image

Carlisle Image

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