10 Facts about Carlisle Castle

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If you want to know the castle located nearby the ruins of Hadrian’s Wall, you need to check Facts about Carlisle Castle. You can visit the castle in Carlisle. It is the English county located in Cumbria. The castle plays an important role during the English history since many scenes occurred in the castle. Check other interesting facts about Carlisle Castle below:

Facts about Carlisle Castle 1: the age of the castle

Can you guess the age of Carlisle Castle? It is around 900 years old.

Facts about Carlisle Castle 2: the history

There were various events occurred in Carlisle Castle. Most of them were centered on the invasion and wars between Scotland and England because Carlisle was located in the border.

Carlisle Castle Facts

Carlisle Castle Facts

Facts about Carlisle Castle 3: open for public

The people who are interested to know Carlisle Castle directly can visit the castle right away. It is open for public. The English Heritage has the responsibility to manage the castle. Get facts about Cardiff Castle here.

Facts about Carlisle Castle 4: the castle walls

Inside the castle walls, you can find a museum for Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment.

Facts about Carlisle Castle

Facts about Carlisle Castle

Facts about Carlisle Castle 5: the construction of Carlisle Castle

During the era of William II of England, Carlisle Castle was constructed. The father of William II was William the Conqueror. In 1066, he invaded England.

Facts about Carlisle Castle 6: the Norman style motte and bailey castle

The construction of motte and bailey castle in Carlisle was under the commission of William II. The castle has the Norman style. It was built on the top of the old Roman fort. In 1093, the construction of this castle began. Check Facts about Carisbrooke Castle here.

Carlisle Castle

Carlisle Castle

Facts about Carlisle Castle 7: the main purpose of the castle

The main reason why the castle was built in Carlisle was to maintain the northern border of England. They wanted to keep the border safe from any Scotland’s threat and invasion.

Facts about Carlisle Castle 8: the stone castle

The site was reconstructed again under the commission of Henry I of England in 1122. He wanted a stone castle on the new building.

Carlisle Castle History

Carlisle Castle History

Facts about Carlisle Castle 9: the neglected castle

Carlisle Castle was neglected by the people in 1746. But there were several minor repairs conducted to maintain the castle. One of them is the construction of the drawbridge.

Facts about Carlisle Castle 10: the Carlisle Castle today

In 19th century, the raw materials of the castle were taken to form the castle that you can see today.

Carlisle Castle Tour

Carlisle Castle Tour

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