10 Facts about Carlos Slim

Friday, October 23rd 2015. | Business

Facts about Carlos Slim tell you about the Mexican philanthropist, investor, and business magnate. He was considered as the wealthiest man on earth in 2010 until 2013. There is no need to wonder that Slim earned the nickname the Warren Buffett of Mexico. He was born on 28 January 1940 as Carlos Slim Helu. Find out other interesting facts about Carlos Slim below:

Facts about Carlos Slim 1: the business of Carlos Slim

The business of Carlos Slim is very important for Mexico. In the Mexican Stock Exchange, it occupies 40 percent of the listings. The Mexican economy is affected by his business.

Facts about Carlos Slim 2: Grupo Carso

Grupo Carso is the conglomerate of Carlos Slim. This man was able to gain a lot of wealth from his holdings in various companies in Mexico.

Facts about Carlos Slim

Facts about Carlos Slim

Facts about Carlos Slim 3: the industries

Grupo Carso involves in various industrial sectors which include heath care, education, telecommunications, food and beverages, mining, media, airlines, real estate, entertainment, hospitality, oil, sports, technology, financial services, retail and many more.

Facts about Carlos Slim 4: the current position of Carlos Slim

Can you tell me the current position of Carlos Slim? In the telecommunication companies Telmex and America Movil, he serves as the chairman and chief executive.

Carlos Slim Photo

Carlos Slim Photo

Facts about Carlos Slim 5: what is America Movil?

In 2010, the largest mobile phone carrier in Latin America was held by America Movil. At the end of that year, America Movil gave Carlos Slim $49 billion for his income.

Facts about Carlos Slim 6: the Forbes list in 2015

As I have stated before, he was the richest man on earth in 2010 until 2013. He was on the second place in the list of Forbes billionaires on 19 October 2015. Check Alan Sugar facts here.

Carlos Slim Image

Carlos Slim Image

Facts about Carlos Slim 7: the net worth

The estimated net worth of Carlos Slim in 2015 based on Forbes is $63.7 billion.

Facts about Carlos Slim 8: parents

His mother is Linda Helú Atta, while his father is Julián Slim Haddad. Both of his parents have Lebanese blood.

Carlos Slim Helu

Carlos Slim Helu

Facts about Carlos Slim 9: a business man

Slim always knew that he wanted to become a businessman someday. When he was at the young age, he made investment and developed his own business. Get facts about Alberto Alessi here.

Facts about Carlos Slim 10: the business lesson

His father, Julia taught him how to become a great business. He taught him about accountability, management, or even financial literary at young age.

Carlos Slim Facts

Carlos Slim Facts

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