10 Facts about Carmelite Nuns

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Check the interesting Facts about Carmelite Nuns in the below explanation. Have you ever heard about Carmelite Nuns before? It was established in 12th century on Mount Carmel. The name of this Roman Catholic religious order was taken from the mountain. The full name of this organization is The Order of the Brothers of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel. People simply called it Carmelites. Let’s find out other interesting facts about Carmelite Nuns below:

Facts about Carmelite Nuns 1: the founding father of Carmelite Nuns

It is not easy to decide the founding father of Carmelite Nuns? But people always connect it with Saint Bertold.

Facts about Carmelite Nuns 2: contemplation

Contemplation is considered as the spiritual focus or the charism of Carmelite order. The contemplation was reflected on the service, community and prayer. Get facts about Calvinism here.

Carmelite Nuns Fact

Carmelite Nuns Fact

Facts about Carmelite Nuns 3: the current statement

The charism of Carmel was currently presented in the statement in Constitutions of the Order in 1995. The idea of charism in Carmelite was explained in Chapter 2.

Facts about Carmelite Nuns 4: the patron of the Orders

Can you tell me the patron of Carmelite? They are the Blessed Virgin Mary and prophet Elijah.  The Carmelite is very different from other religious orders for it has the element of service, community and prayer in the practice. Find facts about Bible here.

Carmelite Nuns Facts

Carmelite Nuns Facts

Facts about Carmelite Nuns 5: the special protection

The Church believed that Carmelite was protected by Blessed Virgin Mary. Moreover, they developed strong devotion for Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Marian.

Facts about Carmelite Nuns 6: the orders in Carmelite

The first order in Carmelite is the friars. They are the completive and active members. The nuns are considered as the Second order. The lay people who could get married are included in the Third order.

Carmelite Nuns Images

Carmelite Nuns Images

Facts about Carmelite Nuns 7: the number of Carmelite men

The number of the Carmelite men by the end of 19th century was around 200 individuals. The Order was in rebirth at the early of 20th century. The establishment of St. Albert’s College in Rome made the order developed.

Facts about Carmelite Nuns 8: the number of nuns

There were 700 enclosed nuns by 2001. The memberships for men in the order were increased too.  The order had 2,100 men in 2001.

Facts about Carmelite Nuns

Facts about Carmelite Nuns

Facts about Carmelite Nuns 9: the members of the third order

There were 25,000 until 30,000 members in the third order of Carmelite.

Facts about Carmelite Nuns 10: the provinces

Carmelite’s members can be seen in various provinces around the world such as in Chile, Britain, Brazil, Australia, India, Ireland, Indonesia, and Germany.

Carmelite Nuns Pic

Carmelite Nuns Pic

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