10 Facts about Carmelo Anthony

Friday, October 23rd 2015. | Sports

Let’s find out the interesting Facts about Carmelo Anthony in the below post. He is famous as the American professional basketball player in NBA or National Basketball Association. Now he is the player in New York Kicks. Before he is an NBA player, Anthony played for his college basketball team at Syracuse. Before he went to college, Anthony was educated at Towson Catholic High School and Oak Hill Academy. Check other interesting facts about Anthony below:

Facts about Carmelo Anthony 1: the Most Outstanding Player

Anthony was called as the Most Outstanding Player in the NCAA Tournament for he was able to bring his Orangemen to the first National Championship. At that time, he was still in the freshman season.

Facts about Carmelo Anthony 2: NBA draft

Denver Nuggets selected Anthony in the third pick in the NBA Draft in 2003.

Carmelo Anthony Facts

Carmelo Anthony Facts

Facts about Carmelo Anthony 3: the fame and popularity

Anthony had a great career during his beginning season in NBA. He has earned an All-NBA Team member for six times and earned the All-Star for 8 times.

Facts about Carmelo Anthony 4: the playoffs

In 2004 until 2010, Nuggets was led by Anthony to the playoffs. There were two divisions’ titles that the team got.

Carmelo Anthony NBA

Carmelo Anthony NBA

Facts about Carmelo Anthony 5: the first Conference Finals

Nuggets appeared in the first conference finals in 2009. It was led by Anthony. Anthony was traded to New York Kicks in 2011.

Facts about Carmelo Anthony 6: Charlotte Bobcats and New York Kicks

Charlotte Bobcats and New York Kicks were on fire at Madison Square Garden on 24 January 2014. He had 62 point scored during the game.

Carmelo Anthony Sport

Carmelo Anthony Sport

Facts about Carmelo Anthony 7: the player in the national team

Anthony was included in the national team for three times as the representative of United States male’s team for the Olympic Games. In 2004 Olympics, he earned a bronze medal. In 2008 and 2012 Olympics, U.S. won the gold medals. Get facts about Carl Lewis here.

Facts about Carmelo Anthony 8: the team record

Anthony broke the team record for Olympic Games in 2012. When the team was against Nigeria, Anthony set the most points.

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony

Facts about Carmelo Anthony 9: the place of birth

Anthony was born in Brooklyn, New York City. His mother is Mary Anthony, an African American woman, while his father is a black Puerto Rican father. When Anthony was two years old, he died because of cancer. Get facts about Carli Lloyd here.

Facts about Carmelo Anthony 10: playing style

Anthony gets the small forward position. Actually he can play as power forward too.

Facts about Carmelo Anthony

Facts about Carmelo Anthony

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