10 Facts about Carmen Opera

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If you want to know the interesting information about an opera in four acts, you have to check Facts about Carmen Opera. Georges Bizet is the French composer who made this Carmen Opera. Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halévy wrote the libretto. It was made based on the novella by Prosper Merimee with the similar title. Find out other interesting facts about Carmen Opera:

Facts about Carmen Opera 1: the first performance

On March 3rd, 1875, the first performance of Carmen Opera was in Paris at Opera-Camique. The first audiences were shocked when they watched the performance of this opera. It was not well received by the audiences at the time. They thought that the main characters were controversial.  The story also broke the convention.

Facts about Carmen Opera 2: the death of Bizet

After the thirty third performance of Carmen Opera, Bizet passed away.  It was sad to know that Bizet did not know the largest success of the opera in the later year.

Carmen Opera Bizet

Carmen Opera Bizet

Facts about Carmen Opera 3: the popularity

The popularity of Carmen Opera was increased after it was performed in Vienna. It is one of the classical operas.

Facts about Carmen Opera 4: the famous operatic arias

The renowned ones from the operatic arias include “ Toreador Song” in Act 2 and “Habanera” from Act 1.

Carmen Opera Pictures

Carmen Opera Pictures

Facts about Carmen Opera 5: the genre

Have you ever watched Carmen Opera? The genre of this opera is opera comique. The dialogue will separate the musical numbers of the opera during the performance.

Facts about Carmen Opera 6: the setting

Do you know the setting of place in Carmen Opera? Southern Spain is the setting of the story. Carmen was the wiles of the fiery gypsy who seduced the naïve soldier named Don Jose. It led him into his downfall. Find facts about Caravaggio here.

Carmen Opera Image

Carmen Opera Image

Facts about Carmen Opera 7: the story

Actually Done Jose had a childhood sweetheart. But he neglected her and left his military duties. However, Carmen left Jose to be with Escamillo, the glamorous toreador. Because Jose was very jealous, Jose killed Carmen.

Facts about Carmen Opera 8: the controversy

The controversy on Carmen Opera was seen on the depiction of the lawlessness, immorality and proletarian life. The main character also ended up in tragic death.

Facts about Carmen Opera

Facts about Carmen Opera

Facts about Carmen Opera 9: the reviews

The reviews of Carmen Opera were indifferent after the first premier of this performance. Get facts about Carl Werner here.

Facts about Carmen Opera 10: the music

The music of Carmen Opera was very popular and famous in France and in other European countries. They love the music because of the orchestration, harmony, melody and atmosphere.

Carmen Opera Facts

Carmen Opera Facts

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