10 Facts about Carnevale

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If you want to know the annual carnival held in Venice, Italy, you need to check Facts about Carnevale. In Italian, people call it Carnevale di Venezia. At the end of the carnival, Christian people will celebrate Lent. This carnival is very different from other carnivals due to the presence of the ornate and beautiful masks. Check other interesting Carnevale facts below:

Facts about Carnevale 1: the beginning of Carnevale

The history stated that Carnevale began in 1162. The celebration was conducted because of the “Serenissima Repubblica” victory when it fought against Patriarch of Aquileia.

Facts about Carnevale 2: the victory

The victory made all people happy. Therefore, they started to make reunions, sing and dance in San Marco Square. Find out another event in Black History Month facts here.


Facts about Carnevale

Facts about Carnevale

Facts about Carnevale 3: the festival during the Renaissance

During Renaissance period, the festival was made official to celebrate by the people.

Facts about Carnevale 4: the carnival in 17th and 18th century

The prestigious image of Venice as a wonderful city in Italy was saved by the baroque festival in the 17th century.  In 18th century, Carnevale was very famous all of over the world.



Facts about Carnevale 5: the purpose of Carnevale

The purpose of Carnevale was only for celebration. The venetians were saved from the distress or torture of the future and present time. They are encouraged to enjoy the pleasure and licence. Get facts about carnival in Brazil here.

Facts about Carnevale 6: King of Austria

In 1797, the festival was banned during the reign of King Austria. The people were not allowed to wear the masks.

Carnevale Venice

Carnevale Venice

Facts about Carnevale 7: Carnevale in 19th century

In 19th century, Carnevale was famous again even though it lasted for a short period of time. Then it was used as a celebration of art.

Facts about Carnevale 8: the rebirth of Carnevale

In 1979, Carnevale was popular again after it was absent for a long period of time.  The culture and history of Venice were reflected Carnevale. The government of Italy was interested to bring it back.

Carnevale Pic

Carnevale Pic

Facts about Carnevale 9: the masks

Carnevale is famous due to the usage of masks. There were some Venetian students who encouraged the redevelopment of masks to increase the tourist trade in the city. There is also a contest to pick the winner of the beautiful mask or la maschera più bella.

Facts about Carnevale 10: the visitors

Since Carnevale in Venice is very famous in the world today, there is no need to wonder that at least 3 million people come to the city to watch the carnival.

Carnevale Facts

Carnevale Facts

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