10 Facts about Carnival Masks

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Facts about Carnival Masks are always associated with the carnival in Venice. Have you ever visited Venice, Italy before? The city is superb and beautiful. The festival of mask in the city is very well known in the world. There is no need to wonder that this city is visited by millions of people annually. The celebration of the carnival was originated from the victory of Serenissima Repubblica. The local people started to dance and sing. Check other interesting facts about carnival masks below:

Facts about Carnival Masks 1: the visitors

Do you know the annual number of visitors who comes to Venice just to watch the carnival of mask? It is estimated that 3 million people go to Venice to see the celebration annually.

Facts about Carnival Masks 2: la maschera più bella

In English la maschera più bella means the most beautiful mask. It is considered as one of the important events in the carnival of mask in Venice.


Facts about Carnival Masks

Facts about Carnival Masks

Facts about Carnival Masks 3: the contest

The contest of the beautiful mask is held at the last weekend of the carnival. There will be a panel of the fashion and costume designers who will decide the most beautiful mask in the contest.

Facts about Carnival Masks 4: the winners of carnival contest

In 2010, Pantegane from England won the contest. The most colorful costume Luna Park won by Anna Marconi in 2013 with her Alla Ricerca del Tempo Perduto.

Venice Carnival

Venice Carnival

Facts about Carnival Masks 5: the mask in Venetian festival

The Venetian festival will never complete if the participants do not wear any masks.

Facts about Carnival Masks 6: the traditional occasion

The people were allowed to wear the mask between 26th of December at Saint Stephen’s Day or festival of Santo Stefano and the beginning of the carnival season. It usually was held on Shrive Tuesday at midnight. That’s the traditional rule.

Carnival Masks Venice

Carnival Masks Venice

Facts about Carnival Masks 7: the materials to create the Venetian masks

There are various materials that you can use to create the masks. You can employ the glass technique and decorate the masks with ribbons, porcelain or even leather. Check carnevale facts here.

Facts about Carnival Masks 8: the design of the original masks

If you check the original design of masks, they are made in simple designs. They preserve the practical and symbolic function.

Carnival Masks Facts

Carnival Masks Facts

Facts about Carnival Masks 9: the decoration

If you check the Italian masks, you will be impressed with the usage of gems and feathers for the decorative accent. Get facts about boxing day here.

Facts about Carnival Masks 10: the price

If you choose the genuine Italian mask, you have to spend more. If you only have low cash, you can pick the mask produced by the American companies.

Carnival Mask

Carnival Mask

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