10 Facts about Carnotaurus

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Find out the interesting Facts about Carnotaurus by checking the following post below. It lived around 72 and 69.9 million years ago in the Late Cretaceous period. You can find them living in South America. This animal is included in the genus of large theropod dinosaur. The only species of Carnotaurus is Carnotaurus sastrei. Here are other interesting facts about Carnotaurus:

Facts about Carnotaurus 1: the skeleton

In 1984, the skeleton of Carnotaurus was well preserved. It was discovered in Chubut Province in Argentina. It was taken from the La Colonia Formation.

Facts about Carnotaurus 2: the name

The word Carnotaurus was taken from the Latin word.  The word Taurus means bull, while word carno means flesh. Therefore, you can translate it as meat eating bull.  Get Facts about Carcharodontosaurus here.

Facts about Carnotaurus

Facts about Carnotaurus

Facts about Carnotaurus 3: Abelisauridae

Abelisauridae is the group of the large theropods. Carnotaurus is included in the group. During the late Cretaceous, Abelisauridae can be seen living in the southern areas of gondwana.

Facts about Carnotaurus 4: the relations

Some people believe that Carnotaurus has a close relation with Aucasaurus and Majungasaurus. But it is still uncertain.



Facts about Carnotaurus 5: the length and weight

On average, Carnotaurus has the weight at 1.33 long tons or 1.35 metric tons. The length of this animal is 26 till 30 feet or 8 to 9 meter.

Facts about Carnotaurus 6: the physical appearance

Even though Carnotaurus is included as a theropod, it has distinctive look. If you compare it with other carnivorous dinosaurs, it is very special due to the presence thick horns above the eyes on the Carnotaurus. The muscular neck has a very deep skull. Check Apatosaurus facts here.

Carnotaurus Size

Carnotaurus Size

Facts about Carnotaurus 7: other characteristics of Carnotaurus

Carnotaurus is characterized by the presence of slender hindlimbs and vestigial forelimbs.

Facts about Carnotaurus 8: fighting

When Carnotaurus fought, it used the muscular neck and distinctive horns. It had the quick head blows during the fighting.

Carnotaurus Pic

Carnotaurus Pic

Facts about Carnotaurus 9: the diet

It is not easy to find out the diet or the feeding habit of Carnotaurus. Some studies state that Carnotaurus ate the small animals. Others believe that it ate the large prey.

Facts about Carnotaurus 10: the bones

Carnotaurus had the slender and long hindlimb and pelvis bones. The length of left thigh bone was around 103 cm. The diameter of the bone was 11 cm. The length of the skull was around 23.5 inches or 59.6 cm. It is deeper and shorter.

Carnotaurus Image

Carnotaurus Image

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