10 Facts about Carol Ann Duffy

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Let’s find out the famous playwright and poet from Scotland in Facts about Carol Ann Duffy. She was born on 23 December 1955. In May 2009, she was named as Britain’s Poet laureate. She is considered as the first Scot who gets the position. Today, you can find her at Manchester Metropolitan University as Professor of Contemporary Poetry. Check other interesting facts about Duffy by reading the following post below:

Facts about Carol Ann Duffy 1: the themes in Duffy’s poem

There are various themes that you can find in her poems. They include the themes of violence, gender and oppression. The poems of Duffy are very popular at school for they are available in accessible language.

Facts about Carol Ann Duffy 2: the famous poems

There are many famous works that Duffy had written. They also earned awards. Rapture (2005) is the winner of T.S. Eliot Prize. The Whitbread Poetry Award is given to Mean Time (1993).  A Scottish Arts Council Award is earned by Standing Female Nude (1985). Her work, Selling Manhattan (1987) earns a Somerset Maugham Award.

Carol Ann Duffy

Carol Ann Duffy

Facts about Carol Ann Duffy 3: the early life

Her father was an electrical fitter named Frank Duffy, while her mother was Mary Black. When Duffy was 6 years old, the family decided to relocate to Stafford, England.

Facts about Carol Ann Duffy 4: the work of her father

Frank Duffy worked for English Electric. During his spare time, he ran Stafford Rangers football club. In 1983, her father tried to become a parliament member from the Labour party. But he was not successful.

Facts about Carol Ann Duffy

Facts about Carol Ann Duffy

Facts about Carol Ann Duffy 5:the education

In 1962 until 1967, she studied at Saint Austin’s RC Primary School in Stafford. In 1967 until 1970, she was educated at St. Joseph’s Convent School. Then she went to Stafford Girls’ High School and graduated in 1974.

Facts about Carol Ann Duffy 6: the English teachers

There were two English teachers who encouraged her literary talent. Both were Jim Walker from Stafford Girls’ High and June Scriven from St. Joseph’s.

Carol Ann Duffy Poet

Carol Ann Duffy Poet

Facts about Carol Ann Duffy 7: an avid reader

Duffy was an avid reader. She liked reading at early age. When she was 11 years old, she made her poems. Check Bret Harte Facts here.

Facts about Carol Ann Duffy 8: a writer

Duffy knew that she wanted to become a writer one day. She went to University of Liverpool and got a philosophy degree in 1974.

Carol Ann Duffy Image

Carol Ann Duffy Image

Facts about Carol Ann Duffy 9: a poetry critic

In 1988 until 1989, Duffy worked as a poetry critic for The Guardian. Then she worked for Ambit as the editor. Get facts about Carl Sandburg here.

Facts about Carol Ann Duffy 10: as a lecturer

Duffy became the lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University in 1996. In 1999, she almost took the position of the Poet Laureate. But it went to Andrew Motion. On May 1st, 2009, she became the Poet laureate of UK.

Carol Ann Duffy Facts

Carol Ann Duffy Facts

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