10 Facts about Caroline Chisholm

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Facts about Caroline Chisholm present the information about the humanitarian from England in 19th century. Chisholm is always recognized as the female humanitarian who fought for the welfare of the female immigrants in Australia. She was born on May 30th, 1808 and died on March 25th, 1877. Check other facts about Chisholm below:

Facts about Caroline Chisholm 1: the commemoration

The day of Chisholm is commemorated by the people. If you check the Calendar of saint of the Church of England, her day falls on may 16th.

Facts about Caroline Chisholm 2: a saint

There is a proposal to make Chisholm as a saint. This proposal is delivered to Catholic Church.

Caroline Chisholm Facts

Caroline Chisholm Facts

Facts about Caroline Chisholm 3: the family life

Chisholm lived in a very large family. Her father was William Jones. Do you know that he married 4 times? William had 16 kids. Caroline was the last child in the family.

Facts about Caroline Chisholm 4: the work of her father

Her father worked as a pig dealer. He was born in Wootton. Before he sold the pigs, he would make the pigs fattened.

Facts about Caroline Chisholm

Facts about Caroline Chisholm

Facts about Caroline Chisholm 5: the death of her father

In 1814, her father died. At that time, the young Caroline was only 6 years old.

Facts about Caroline Chisholm 6: marriage

In 1830, Caroline and Archibald Chisholm married. At that time, she was 22 years old.  Her husband was 10 years older. He worked for East India Company Army. The history believed that Caroline decided to convert her faith into Roman Catholic to follow the faith of her husband.

Caroline Chisholm

Caroline Chisholm

Facts about Caroline Chisholm 7: in Madras, India

When she was in Madras, India following the duty of her husband, she established a school for girls. The focus was to give the girls practical education. They would be taught about cooking, nursing, housekeeping, writing, reading and religion.

Facts about Caroline Chisholm 8: sons

Caroline had two sons. Their names were Archibald and Williams. Find facts about Captain Thunderbolt here.

Caroline Chisholm Pic

Caroline Chisholm Pic

Facts about Caroline Chisholm 9: moving to Australia

Chisholm’s family decided to move to Australia for they hoped that the climate in the country was good for the health of Archibald. In October 1838, the family arrived in Sydney.

Facts about Caroline Chisholm 10: philanthropic efforts

Caroline continued her philanthropic works in Australia, while her husband worked in the regiment again. She made a home to help the young women. During her 38 years of her philanthropic efforts, there were 400,000 people that she helped.  Find out another figure in Carl Faberge facts.

Caroline Chisholm Image

Caroline Chisholm Image

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