10 Facts about Carpentry

Monday, October 26th 2015. | Buildings

Facts about Carpentry talk about the skilled trade where the carpenter has to perform various works such as installing, shaping and cutting the building materials. They are used by the people to form concrete formwork, timber bridges, houses, ships, and other types of buildings. If you check the definition of carpentry in its traditional form, it is always associated with natural wood.  In this modern, there are many carpenters who are capable of working with different kinds of building materials. Here are other interesting facts about carpentry for you:

Facts about Carpentry 1: the rough work

In most cases, carpentry involves with the rough project or work. The carpenter has to deal with framing or even shaping.

Facts about Carpentry 2: the cabinetmaking

Carpentry also involves the finer trades for furniture and cabinetmaking. When you want to create a custom made kitchen cabinet or a dining room buffet, you can ask the professional carpentry to do it.

Carpentry Facts

Carpentry Facts

Facts about Carpentry 3: who conducts carpentry?

It is quite difficult to find out the female carpenter. In most cases, the carpenter is mostly men in United States.

Facts about Carpentry 4: the male dominated occupation

Based on the report in 1999, carpentry was included in the fourth place of the most male dominated occupation.   The men occupy 98.5 percent of the carpenters.

Facts about Carpentry

Facts about Carpentry

Facts about Carpentry 5: the position in carpentry

Based on the report in 2006, there were 1.5 million positions in carpentry offered for the people.

Facts about Carpentry 6: the old fashioned work

In the past, carpentry was linked with the framed post and beam building. The definition applied until the end of 19th century. Today, it was called as carpentry again. A person who has the post and beam building work is having timber framing. Get facts about building here.



Facts about Carpentry 7: apprenticeship training

Apprenticeship training is needed for the people who want to become a good carpenter. It usually takes four years for them to complete the training. Then they need to follow the competency test held by the country’s department.

Facts about Carpentry 8: the skill

Carpentry needs skill more than the formal training program. If you want to become a good carpenter, you have to get more experiences.

Carpentry Job

Carpentry Job

Facts about Carpentry 9: carpentry in United Kingdom

The people in United Kingdom always link carpentry with the skill involved with construction of timber framed building, floor and roofs. Get facts about builders here.

Facts about Carpentry 10: wood

Wood is always considered as the primary material that the carpenter works with. Now they have to work with various materials.

Carpentry Pic

Carpentry Pic

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