10 Facts about Carpetbaggers

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Facts about Carpetbaggers will tell you more about the American history. During the reconstruction era which lasted in 1865 until 1877, there was a carpetbagger. The term was used to call the northerner who relocated to the South after the American civil war ended. Here are some interesting facts about carpetbagger for you:

Facts about Carpetbaggers 1: the elected carpetbaggers in the congress

During the reconstruction era, there were 60 carpetbaggers elected in the congress. In general cases, the carpetbaggers supported the modernizing and democratizing the South. They supported the establishment of public school, encouraged the economy and the legislation of civil rights.

Facts about Carpetbaggers 2: the carpet bags

The term carpet bags were taken from the cheap luggage that the newcomers took with them when they moved from the north to the south.



Facts about Carpetbaggers 3: the association

The term carpetbagger is always linked with the exploitation of the outsider or even the opportunism taken by the outsider.

Facts about Carpetbaggers 4: the term carpetbagger today

Actually the term carpetbagger is not vanished. It is still used by the people to call the parachute candidate. It is used to define the outsider candidate who wants a strategic position in the public office, but he or she does not have any deep connection to the community.

Carpetbaggers Image

Carpetbaggers Image

Facts about Carpetbaggers 5: The Republican Party

There were three groups included in Republican Party in the south after the American civil war ended.

Facts about Carpetbaggers 6: the groups in Republican Party

Three groups of the Republican Party included the freedman, the carpetbaggers and Scalawags. The freed men were included in the latter group. The newcomers from the north were the carpetbagger. The white southerners who gave the support for the party were the Scalawags.



Facts about Carpetbaggers 7: the conflict

Inside the Republican Party, there was a conflict between the radical carpetbaggers and the conservative scalawags. Get facts about American history here.

Facts about Carpetbaggers 8: the opposition

There were many scalawags who decided to move to democratic or even conservative opposition when the carpetbaggers won out.

Facts about Carpetbaggers

Facts about Carpetbaggers

Facts about Carpetbaggers 9: the editor

The Scalawags edited most newspaper of Republican Party in the South. Carpetbagger could only edited around 20 percent of the total republican newspaper. Get facts about black slavery here.

Facts about Carpetbaggers 10: the motives of economy

Most carpetbaggers who moved to the South were the businessman. They had the economy motives by leasing or even buying the plantations. They were rich for they could hire the other people who did the labor in the plantation.

Carpetbaggers Facts

Carpetbaggers Facts

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