10 Facts about Carrie Nation

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Facts about Carrie Nation tell you about the radical member of the temperance movement. She was born on 25 November 1846 with the full name Carrie Amelia Moore. She died on 9 June 1911. Before the advent of Prohibition, she was against alcohol. Let’s find out other interesting facts about this American woman below:

Facts about Carrie Nation 1: the thought of Nation

Nation was against the tight clothing for women as well as the alcohol serving establishment. She concerned with the negative effect on the vital organs of women if they wore the corset and tight clothes.

Facts about Carrie Nation 2: the physical appearance

Nation had the weight at 79 kilogram or 175 pounds with the height at 180 cm or 6 feet. She was a large woman.

Carrie Nation Facts

Carrie Nation Facts

Facts about Carrie Nation 3: the first name

It is correct for the people to spell her name Carry or even Carrie. But she used the spelling Carrie in most official records.

Facts about Carrie Nation 4: Carry A. Nation

She chose the name Carry A. Nation when she began her campaign against alcohol in the beginning of 20th century.

Carrie Nation Image

Carrie Nation Image

Facts about Carrie Nation 5: the place of birth

Do you know the place of birth of Carrie Nation? She was born in Garrard County, Kentucky.  Her mother was Mary, while her father was George Moore.

Facts about Carrie Nation 6: the poor health

Nation had a poor health since she was a child. It was not an easy childhood time for Carrie since her family had to move from one place to another place due to the financial difficulty. But finally, her family settled in Belton, Missouri.

Carrie Nation

Carrie Nation

Facts about Carrie Nation 7: the education

Due to the bad financial situation in her family, she was not able to obtain great education. She only earned the informal learning. There were several members in the family who were diagnosed with mental illness because of the poor financial situation in the family.

Facts about Carrie Nation 8: marriage

On 21 November 1867, she married Dr. Charles Gloyd. He worked as a physician. However, he was an alcoholic. On 27 September 1868, she had a baby named Charlien. Then the couple separated. Get facts about Carrie Chapman Catt here.

Facts about Carrie Nation

Facts about Carrie Nation

Facts about Carrie Nation 9: the death of her ex husband

In 1869, Gloyd died because of alcoholic addition. It made her develop the hatred toward alcohol. Get facts about Caroline Chisholm here.

Facts about Carrie Nation 10: the second marriage

On 30 December 1874, Carried married David Nation. He was a minister and an attorney.

Carrie Nation Pic

Carrie Nation Pic

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