10 Facts about Carrie Underwood

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Check the interesting information on Facts about Carrie Underwood. She is the famous actress, songwriter and singer from America. She was born on 10th March 1983. During the fourth season of American idol in 2005, Carrie Underwood rose to fame as the winner of the competition.  Let’s find out more interesting facts about Underwood below:

Facts about Carrie Underwood 1: the record

There are various records that Underwood breaks during her career as a singer.

Facts about Carrie Underwood 2: the famous achievement

In 2009, her name was inducted at Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame. In 2008, you can see her name in Grand Ole Opry. Carrie received the honor due to her magnificent achievement during her career as a singer. Get facts about Carlos Santana here.

Carrie Underwood Beauty

Carrie Underwood Beauty

Facts about Carrie Underwood 3: awards

There are various awards that Underwood receives. Those include 8 American Music Awards, 17 Billboard Music Awards, 7 Grammy Awards, 11 Academy of Country Music Awards and many more.

Facts about Carrie Underwood 4: the debut album

In 2005, Underwood released her debut album. The title of the album is Some Hearts. The famous tracks in the albums include “Before He Cheats” and “Jesus, Take the Wheel”.

Carrie Underwood facts

Carrie Underwood facts

Facts about Carrie Underwood 5: the record of her first album

The first album of Underwood earned various records.  It was called as the best selling solo female debut album in the country music history, the fast debut album based on Nielsen SoundScan History and the best selling country album in the last 10 years old. People were impressed with the debut album of Underwood.

Facts about Carrie Underwood 6: the second album

Do you know the second album of Underwood? It was Carnival Ride released in 2007. The first album made her earn three Grammy Awards. The second album gave her two Grammy Awards.

Facts about Carrie Underwood

Facts about Carrie Underwood

Facts about Carrie Underwood 7: “Cowboy Casanova”

“Cowboy Casanova” is the famous single in the third album of Underwood. She earned commercial success with the third album entitled Play On. It was released in 2009.

Facts about Carrie Underwood 8: the fourth album

Do you know the title of the fourth album of Underwood? It is Blown Away released in 2012. She got a Grammy Award because of this album.

Carrie Underwood Singer

Carrie Underwood Singer

Facts about Carrie Underwood 9: the complication album

The compilation album of Underwood was released in 2014. “Something in the Water” is the track which made her earned a Grammy Award. Find facts about Carly Rae Jepsen here.

Facts about Carrie Underwood 10: the record sales

Underwood is considered as one of the famous and popular female country singers in America. She has sold around 65 million records all over the world.

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood

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