10 Facts about Carrier Pigeons

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Facts about Carrier Pigeons tell you about the bird used by the people to carry messages. The people select this animal as the carrier of messages because they have the natural homing abilities. It is considered as the effective messenger. Let’s find out other interesting facts about carrier pigeons below;

Facts about Carrier Pigeons 1: the ways the pigeons work

The first thing that you need to do is locating the pigeon inside a cage to reach the intended destination. Then you can attach the messages on the pigeons. The pigeon will come back to its home so that the owner is able to read the messages.

Facts about Carrier Pigeons 2: the war pigeon

Since carrier pigeon is very useful to send messages, it was used during the military war. It has been used in many parts of the world as a form communication.

Carrier Pigeon Facts

Carrier Pigeon Facts

Facts about Carrier Pigeons 3: the usage of carrier pigeons in the past

The usage of carrier pigeons can be traced back since the ancient time.  More than 2000 years ago, the Roman had used the carrier pigeons for their military purpose. They were also used for the messengers by the Mughals.

Facts about Carrier Pigeons 4: the name of the victors

The names of the victors during the Olympic Games were announced by the Greek people using the carrier pigeons.

Carrier Pigeon Pic

Carrier Pigeon Pic

Facts about Carrier Pigeons 5: the usage of carrier pigeons in 12th century

The usage of carrier pigeons was spotted in Baghdad in 12th century. Another report about the usage of carrier pigeon was explained by Henry Teonge in the Levant between Iskenderun and Aleppo. Both were the merchants who had a regular pigeon postal service.

Facts about Carrier Pigeons 6: Dutch government

Do you know that the Dutch government obtained the birds used for communication from Baghdad when they wanted to build a military system in Sumatra and Java? Get carpenter ants facts here.

Facts about Carrier Pigeons

Facts about Carrier Pigeons

Facts about Carrier Pigeons 7: the pigeon for military purpose

The pigeon was used for military purpose occurred during the siege of Paris in 1870 and 1871. The people began to train the pigeons.

Facts about Carrier Pigeons 8: the naval purposes

After the carrier pigeons showed the accuracy to deliver messages, the people began to use them for naval purposes. The pigeons were used to carry messages and delivered messages to the ship.

Carrier Pigeons

Carrier Pigeons

Facts about Carrier Pigeons 9: the formal pigeon post services

The formal pigeon post services were made to register all pigeons. Get facts about cardinals here.

Facts about Carrier Pigeons 10: the bird of prey

The bird of prey was introduced to damage the function of carrier pigeon.  The Chinese people used bells or whistles to scare the bird of prey from the pigeons.

Carrier Pigeon

Carrier Pigeon

Are you fascinated after reading facts about carrier pigeons?

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