10 Facts about Carrots

Tuesday, October 27th 2015. | Culinary

Find out the interesting vegetable in Facts about Carrots. Carrot is one of the important diets for the people who want to stay healthy all of the time. If you think that carrot is only available in orange color, you are wrong. It also comes in yellow, white, red and purple color. These root veggies can be made in various dishes. You can use it as one of the ingredients to create soup. Check other interesting facts about carrot below:

Facts about Carrots 1: the texture

If you want to buy carrot, check the texture carefully. The fresh one usually is smooth and crisp.

Facts about Carrots 2: the parts of carrot

The taproot is the most common part eaten by the people. In some cases, the people also eat the green part. Get facts about broccoli here.

Carrot Pic

Carrot Pic

Facts about Carrots 3: the domesticated version

Do you know that the carrots you eat today are the domesticated form of Daucus carota or wild carot? The carrot was originated from southwestern Asia and Europe.

Facts about Carrots 4: the production of carrot

Carrot is considered as one of the most popular vegetables in the world. Based on the report in 2011 released by FAO, the production of turnips and carrot reached 35.658 million tonnes. China occupies 50 percent of the production. Find facts about black pepper here.

Carrots facts

Carrots facts

Facts about Carrots 5: the cuisines

There are various cuisines made using carrot such as soup and salads. You can cook it in various ways. You can eat it raw if you love it. Or you can stem, fry, or boil the carrot. You can also create stew from carrot.

Facts about Carrots 6: broths

There are various broths that you can make using carrot. In some cases, the carrot will be mixed with celery and onions.

Carrots Dishes

Carrots Dishes

Facts about Carrots 7: the green part

It is very rare for the people to eat the green part of carrot. But the people who really love veggies usually eat it.  The green part is edible.

Facts about Carrots 8: the allergy

Not many people know that carrot can create allergy. There were 3.6 percent of young adults who develop the unusual sensitivity to carrot.



Facts about Carrots 9: the Indian carrots

There are many ways to cook and serve the Indian carrot. You can make it into dark dishes or salads. You can also try the Gajar Ka Halwa carrot dessert. It contains butter, nuts, carrots, and milk.

Facts about Carrots 10: storing carrot

If you want to save carrot for the long run, you can place it inside the cool and moist place such as inside the fridge.

Facts about Carrots

Facts about Carrots

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