10 Facts about Cars

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One of the most popular means of transportation is explained in Facts about Cars.  The main function of a car is to transport the people from one place to another place. It is very different from a bike since it features the self powered motor vehicle. The seats available inside the car are varied. You can have one seat, two seats until eight seats. Check other facts about cars bellow:

Facts about Cars 1: the birth of modern car

The birth of modern car occurred in 1886. Benz Patent-Motorwagen marked the birth of modern car. It was established by Karl Benz the famous German inventor.

Facts about Cars 2: the availability of cars

In the beginning of 20th century, cars are available for the people. Today, you can find cars everywhere on the road. Get facts about Bugatti Veyron here.



Facts about Cars 3: the mass production of car

1908 Model T is considered as the first car accessible for the mass. Ford Motor Company is the automobile company which produced this Model T.

Facts about Cars 4: cars in United States

After the famous invention, the animal drawn carts and carriages were not popular in United States. They were replaced by the cars. However, the adoption of cars in the less developed world was slow.

Car Exterior

Car Exterior

Facts about Cars 5: the equipment

There are various equipments that you can find inside the cars. Those include the controls for the passengers comfort, parking, driving and safety.

Facts about Cars 6: the complex controls

Due to the modern technology today, the controls inside the cars are more complex. You can find the controls for the navigation system, entertainment system, air conditioning and rear reversing cameras.

Facts about Cars

Facts about Cars

Facts about Cars 7: the fuel

There are major fuels used to power the cars. You can select the diesel fuel or the gasoline fuel. The latter one is also famous as a petrol fuel. The usage of gasoline and diesel fuel is always associated with the bad impact of climate change and global warming for it produces CO2.

Facts about Cars 8: the alternative fueled car

To reduce the bad impact for the environment, today many manufacturers introduce the electric cars and hybrid cars. Find BMW facts here.

Facts about Cars

Facts about Cars

Facts about Cars 9: the cost to use cars

There are various costs that you have to prepare if you want to own a car. The cost is for the fuel, auto maintenance, repairs, taxes, parking fees, driving time, interest payment if you lease it and insurance.

Facts about Cars 10: the benefits of having cars

You can enjoy various benefits by having car. You can increase the convenience, mobility, independence and transportation.

Cars Facts

Cars Facts

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