10 Facts about Cartagena

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Find out the interesting city in Spain in Facts about Cartagena. The location of Cartagena is on the south-eastern Spain in the Mediterranean coast. The city is also famous the primary naval station. The city was established in 227 BC. It has been occupied by the people for more than two millennia. If you are interested to know the interesting places, brief history and population in Cartagena, check the below post:

Facts about Cartagena 1: the population

Cartagena was inhabited by 218,210 people based on the report in January 2011. Therefore, it is considered as the sixth non province capital city and 2nd largest municipality in the country.

Facts about Cartagena 2: Campo de Cartagena

Campo de Cartagena is considered as the metropolitan area of Cartagena. The people who live here are around 409,586 people. Cartagena was called Carthago Nova during the Roman Empire. It became the capital city for Carthaginensis. Get facts about Cancun here.

Cartagena Beach

Cartagena Beach

Facts about Cartagena 3: Qartayannat al-Halfa

Cartagena was called Cartagena for its Arabic name. It was during the Umayyad invasion of Hispania. It served as the major city there.

Facts about Cartagena 4: Cars

If you go to Cartagena, you can find out a lot of Art Nouveau Buildings. Most of them were built during 20th century. You can check the unique architecture of the Casino, Grand Hotel and City Hall. Check Carlisle facts here.

Facts about Cartagena

Facts about Cartagena

Facts about Cartagena 5: the railway station

The railways station in Cartagena is fabulous. You can check the original lamps, ceiling decoration, door frame and ticket office. It reminds you with the past time.

Facts about Cartagena 6: the excellent street

The excellent streets in Cartagena include the Puertas de Murcia Street, Carmen Street, and Calle Mayor.



Facts about Cartagena 7: the eclectic houses

If you want to know the eclectic or modernist houses, you can check the Aguirre Palace, Clares House, the Zapata House, Pedreño Palace, Urban Expansion Company House, Llagostera House and Cervantes House.

Facts about Cartagena 8: Caridad church

One of the well known churches in Cartagena is the Caridad Church.  The architecture reminds you with Roman pantheon of Agrippa.  It has a dome. The church was built for the patron saint of Cartagena.

Cartagena facts

Cartagena facts

Facts about Cartagena 9: The Monument to the Heroes of Santiago de Cuba and Cavite

There is a war memorial in Cartagena. Call it The Monument to the Heroes of Santiago de Cuba and Cavite. The memorial is to commemorate the Spanish sailors who died during the fight with United States Navy.

Facts about Cartagena 10: other interesting places to visit

The other interesting places to visit in Cartagena include Carmen Conde-Antonio Moliner museum, the Concepcion hill and coasts of Cartagena.

Cartagena Skyline

Cartagena Skyline

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