10 Facts about Carthage

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Check the history of the famous city in Tunisia in Facts about Carthage. People are interested to know the history of the region for it is the site of the ancient Carthaginian civilization. In the first millennium BC, the Phoenician colony lived here and developed the region into an empire. Carthage served as the ancient capital. Here are other interesting facts about Carthage for you:

Facts about Carthage 1: who inhabited Carthage?

The Berber people occupied the area of Carthage in the past. They were very important for the development of the city since their large population became the major part of the administration, economy and army of the city.

Facts about Carthage 2: the mixture of culture

The mixture of culture was spotted in Carthage for it was occupied by the Phoenicians and native Berber. The mixture can be seen on the culture, language and religion.

Facts about Carthage

Facts about Carthage

Facts about Carthage 3: the name Carthage

The word Carthage was derived from the Phoenician word. It means new city.

Facts about Carthage 4: the first civilization

Punic or Carthaginian is considered as the first civilization developed in Carthage.

Carthage Facts

Carthage Facts

Facts about Carthage 5: the location

Do you know the location of Carthage? The city is situated across from Tunis’ center at the eastern edge or Lake Tunis.

Facts about Carthage 6: the establishment of Carthage

Canaanite-speaking Phoenician colonists who were originated from Tyre were believed to have built the civilization in Carthage. That’s based on the point of view of Greek historians. Tyre is the present day Lebanon. Queen Elissa or Dido was the leader of the colonists.  The civilization emerged as the major civilization in Mediterranean due to the richness and large population. Check facts about Canterbury here.



Facts about Carthage 7: the rivalry

Since Carthage emerged as a rich and large city, it had rivalry with other cities such as Rome and Syracuse. It made the people involved in some wars.

Facts about Carthage 8: Carthaginian victory

The most impressive Carthaginian victory was in the Second Punic War during the Hannibal’s invasion to Italy. The Cartagihinians won the battle and it became a major threat for Roman people.

Carthage Pic

Carthage Pic

Facts about Carthage 9: Battle of Zama

In 202 BC, the Battle of Zama occurred which gave the victory for Rome and the loss of Carthage. In 146 BC, the Romans destroyed the city after the Third Punic War. Get facts about Cairo here.

Facts about Carthage 10: the reestablishment

After it was destroyed, Carthage was reestablished by Romans. It served as the 4th most important city in the empire.

Carthage Tunis

Carthage Tunis

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