10 Facts about Cas Holmes

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Check the interesting information about the textile artist on Facts about Cas Holmes. She is not only an artist, but also a teacher and author. Now she lives in United Kingdom. At first, she went to University of Creative Arts, Kent to study photography and painting. Since Holmes earned scholarship, she increased her skill by studying in Japan and India to know more about paper and textiles. Here are other interesting facts about Holmes:

Facts about Cas Holmes 1: the textiles collages

When people see the works of Holmes, they will be impressed with the unique textiles collages that she made.

Facts about Cas Holmes 2: the art of Holmes

The art of Holmes is by the cutting and reassembling the layers of textiles.  It will present paintings and drawings in some layers of textiles. You can also find stitch and cloth on it.

Facts about Cas Holmes

Facts about Cas Holmes

Facts about Cas Holmes 3: the stitch sketching

She calls her work as stitch sketching. The art is made to overlook the beauty of the landscape in the garden through its hidden meaning.

Facts about Cas Holmes 4: the importance of Holmes’ art

The textile art of Holmes is very popular not only in United Kingdom, but also in other parts of the world. She makes it not only for private artwork. Holmes also makes the art for private and public installation. It can be seen in various galleries too.

Cas Holmes Facts

Cas Holmes Facts

Facts about Cas Holmes 5: the open feeling

The feeling of openness is preserved in the world of Holmes.  You can find out the beautiful internal organization of horizontals and verticals on the artwork.

Facts about Cas Holmes 6: the famous works

There are many works of Holmes to criticize. The famous one includes the Madder which reflects the formality of a Rothko. If you want to know her work which looks like floating onto the wall, check Iris and Sparrows.

Cas Holmes textile

Cas Holmes textile

Facts about Cas Holmes 7: the recent work of Holmes

The recent works of Holmes involve the theme or urban and nature. Twistedthread invites her as the guest artist in at Festival of Quilts, and Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace and Harrogate. Find facts about Caravaggio here.

Facts about Cas Holmes 8: the tours

There are various tours that Holmes would have to show her new pieces of art in urban and nature style. You can check it at the exhibition in Beaney House of Art and Knowledge.

Cas Holmes Art

Cas Holmes Art

Facts about Cas Holmes 9: the environmentally friendly artist

Holmes uses the environmental friendly material to create her artwork. She chooses the recycled materials. Get facts about Caryl Churchill here.

Facts about Cas Holmes 10: the empty used tea bags

The empty used tea bag will be given to the visitors in her show to encourage them to form their own personal stitched artwork.

Cas Holmes fabric

Cas Holmes fabric

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