10 Facts about Casey Kopua

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The well known international netball player is explained in Facts about Casey Kopua. She is from New Zealand. Do you know her birth date? She was born on June 19th, 1985. Her full name is Casey May Kopua. Now she serves as the captain for the Silver ferns. It is the national netball team of New Zealand. Let’s find out other interesting Kopua facts below:

Facts about Casey Kopua 1: the team

In ANZ Championship, Kopua is a player of Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic.

Facts about Casey Kopua 2: the member of national team

Since 2004, Kopua has been included as a member for the national netball team in New Zealand. In 2005, she had the first debut on the court. At that time, the New Zealand team became the rival for the Barbados netball team.

Facts about Casey Kopua

Facts about Casey Kopua

Facts about Casey Kopua 3: New Zealand U21 netball team

Kopua was the member of New Zealand U21 netball team. She took part during the competition of World Youth Netball Championship in 2005 in Florida.  The team earned gold.

Facts about Casey Kopua 4: the silver medals

There were various medals that she earned during her career as a netball player. In 2007 and 2011 World Netball Championship, she obtained the silver medals.

Casey Kopua

Casey Kopua

Facts about Casey Kopua 5: the gold medals

In 2009 World Netball Series, she earned the gold medal. During 2006 and 2010 Commonwealth Games, she also got medals.

Facts about Casey Kopua 6: Laura Langman

Kopua and Laura Langman became the co captains in the team in 2008. Due to the injury of Julie Seymour, she was appointed as the captain of the team in the following year. Get facts about Carmelo Anthony here.

Casey Kopua Team

Casey Kopua Team

Facts about Casey Kopua 7: Silver Ferns

Seymour decided to retire from the netball sport. Therefore, she took the position of captain in the Silver ferns. She became the 23rd captain in July 2009.

Facts about Casey Kopua 8: the domestic competition

Since 2003, Kopua has been the member of Waikato bay of Plenty Magic in the domestic netball competition.

Casey Kopua Injury

Casey Kopua Injury

Facts about Casey Kopua 9: a new car

Kopua won a new car after she took the title as Holden Captiva player of the championship in 2008 during the ANZ Championship season. Find facts about Carli Lloyd here.

Facts about Casey Kopua 10: the honor

Kopua and Ruth Aitken, the former Silver ferns coach, were awarded with Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit during the Queen’s Birthday Honours in 2011. Both were awarded because their contribution for New Zealand netball.

Casey Kopua Facts

Casey Kopua Facts

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