10 Facts about Casimir Pulaski

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You can learn more about the Polish military commander, soldier and nobleman in Facts about Casimir Pulaski. He was born on 6 March 1745 in Warsaw and died on 11 October 1779. Pulaski along with Michael Kovats de Fabriczy earned the nickname as the fathers of the American cavalry. de Fabriczy was the fellow Hungarian friend of Pulaski. Get other interesting facts about Pulaski below:

Facts about Casimir Pulaski 1: the early life

When he was at a young age, Pulaski was interested in politics. He wanted to follow the footstep of his father. There is no need to wonder that he had great involvement in the revolutionary affairs and military in Poland.

Facts about Casimir Pulaski 2: the military commander

As I have stated before, Pulaski was a military commander. The Russian domination in the commonwealth was not accepted by the people in Poland. Therefore, the Bar Confederation rejected and fought against the domination.

Casimir Pulaski Hero

Casimir Pulaski Hero

Facts about Casimir Pulaski 3: exiled man

Pulaski had to live in exile when his uprising against the domination failed.

Facts about Casimir Pulaski 4: Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin gave a recommendation so that Pulaski moved to North America. In the later years, he was involved during the American Revolutionary War.

Facts about Casimir Pulaski

Facts about Casimir Pulaski

Facts about Casimir Pulaski 5: the well known soldier

Pulaski was a wonderful soldier. Do you know that he saved George Washington’s life?

Facts about Casimir Pulaski 6: the Continental Army

In the Continental Army, Pulaski earned the position as a general. This man was capable to create reformation on the entire American cavalry. He also formed the Pulaski Cavalry Legion. Learn more facts about American History here.

Casimir Pulaski

Casimir Pulaski

Facts about Casimir Pulaski 7: death

Pulaski died after he was severely wounded during the battle of Savannah. In the battle, Pulaski was the leader who fought against the British army.

Facts about Casimir Pulaski 8: as a hero

Pulaski developed the character as a hero in the eyes of the people. He fought not only for Poland, but also for United States. Get facts about American Independence Day here.

Casimir Pulaski Pic

Casimir Pulaski Pic

Facts about Casimir Pulaski 9: the personal life

Since Pulaski never married, there was not a descendant of this hero. If we talk about his family, his father was Józef Pulaski. His mother was Marianna Zielinska. Franciszek Ksawery Pulaski and Antoni Pulaski were the siblings of Casimir. He was the eldest son.

Facts about Casimir Pulaski 10: honors

Due to his contribution, Pulaski earned an honorary US citizenship. You can also find various events and places named after him. There are various works of art made based on the inspiration of Pulaski.

Casimir Pulaski Painting

Casimir Pulaski Painting

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